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How's this (click for bigger image, I think)? Thanks.

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Yes, those are shell cordovan. Sorry for such a delayed reply.
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nettleton4.JPG 4,369k .JPG file

I had the same question on this pair of Nettletons-there are no markings but I think they are cordovan.Is it possible to confirm?


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Above referenced pair.Thanks

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For those of you Nettleton fans there is an interesting pair of black wing tips with a woven upper 12s for on Etsy.com.

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Originally Posted by dport86 View Post

i'd hear the legend of nettleton as well. bought a pair of vintage Nettleton Traditionals in brown gator from ebay, complete with boxes and bags. Styling was a little conservative, and surprisingly, workmanship and finish were not up to my expectations. Unlike my same model French Shriners (v-tip, split toe, lace-up bluchers), the edges on the vamps were not turned or piped. unevenly cut and sewn. perhaps these were late (all rubber soles) but from the style, had to be late 60's very early 70's at the latest. I've heard that their pebble longwings are the best, but I'm still looking. The pair I bought off ebay turned out to be a fake--terrible seller (meggakat) beware!

I am extremely dubious that anybody would fake NOS Nettletons.

They weren't faked. Seller claimed they were Nettletons, insoles were not readable on his photos. Turned out to be vintage but low-grade wingtips (British Walkers)
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BTW, the new Nettleton site seems pretty dubious. I'm not sure what 3 generations of Tuscan stonemasons bring to traditional footwear manufacture. And while all the old photos are great, would love to see what they're making now. I've seen some pretty mediocre stuff from when they were making stuff overseas over the last few decades. Let's hope they actually bring back some of that old-time Nettleton quality and style.
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My similar NIB later model year Aldens paled in comparison in terms of build and fit. However, a vintage pair of NIB/NOS shell Alden plain toes that I tried at a store in Boston on with a 90's vintage felt as substantial.

A second photo:

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