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I bought these Nettleton Longwings on ebay last December.

I had never hear of them before I saw them on ebay. So, as some people recommend, I used the search function and read everything I could about them, including this old thread, prior to purchasing them. Its good to see this old thread resurrected.

Anyway, I'm glad I bought the shoes. Thanks Style Forum!
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^ I remember wishing those had been my size!
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The shoes that Alan & Doc show seem to be newer than mine. Here's a web page that shows one of what my pairs look like:

I don't have a camera to take pics, but the others have a similar 'vintage' look to them and the insides are mostly gray colored.

One pair is a slip on that looks like a blucher, it includes stretch laces.

Both of my un-re-soled pairs have what I think is referred to as a beveled waist.

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Here are a couple of pair of Nettletons I offered for sale last fall, both of them as good as any U.S. made shoes I've seen, the chukkas may have been the best I've ever seen.

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A pair of Nettleton captoes with a spade sole I had. They were some of my favorite shoes ever, however I had a tragic shoe horn accident that killed them. The shoe horn slipped and sliced through the leather. I suppose they might have suffered some dry rot over the years. I still mourn their passing.

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TonyLumpkin, those chukkas are amongst the best shoes I have seen. If you find a pair in my size, let me know - I'd LOVE to buy these sometime. The color is close the famous 'mahogany' from alden than the usual chesnut/tan. I love it.

Alan, too bad about the accident, those shoes look gorgeous.
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A pair of Nettleton shell longwings that I bought for a steal, but ended up being an 'E' width rather than the advertised 'C' width. I flipped them on ebay for a profit, though. I wish they'd been that narrow width, though.

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^A similar pair of shell Nettletons sold on eBay this past week for about $40 incl. shipping. 10 A, I think. I have an old pair (posted a while back) that have some weird cracking, which I've come to really like. The construction is better than AE or Alden imo.
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I have a pair of croc algonquins (split toes?) and a pair of B&W spectator golf shoes I turned to reguar specs. Fantastic shoes IMHO I will post pix later.
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Full sole and heels, clean/cream/polish, and these ancient Nettleton Pebblegrain Longwings (style "Preston") are ready to go.

A nice walnut patina, and comfortable as h*ll.

Found in a thrift store about a week ago, $5

Add $55 for new soles and heels, and I did my own polishing.
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^ Well done!
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These were a little too narrow for me and now belong to another forum member. I really liked the medallion and wish they would have fit better. Also wish I would have had a better camera at the time.

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A more accurate representation of the patina/color in sunlight.
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sorry for the long-lost bump but I found some tremendous nettleton's can you tell if they're shell (markings?)
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If you can post some decent pictures of them, any number of the members here would be able to tell you. Not all companies marked their shells as being such.
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