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What Goes Into a Masterpiece

I’ve featured the finished meal many times, but what about the parts that goes into those amazing meals – the ingredients? This thread is all about amazing ingredients – the big hunks of truffle, the caviar, the inseason produce and the seafood fresh off the docks. Enjoy and marvel at what some people manage to get in their home kitchens.

Graduation Gift

If you had some cash to spare, and just graduated from school, what would you buy yourself? Help fresh graduate dufferin1 answer this question and explore the depths of haughty, pretentious personal purchases (lots of alliteration there).


StyleForum is undergoing a Visvim revolution: if you graphed the number of times Visvim has been mentioned on the website you’d see nothing for years and a huge upsurge in the last few months. And thank god! Visvim is amazing.