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Borrelli vs. incotex flat front pants?

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Dear Sirs, I am in the market for some new flat front pants, in wool. I am looking at some nice models from Borrelli and Incotex right now. These are not available for me to try on, so I will take a gamble on fit. In your experience, how do the Incotex and Borrelli pants differ in: 1. Fit 2. Quality Thank you.
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I've got one pair of Borrelli slacks and 4 or 5 pairs of Incotex slacks. With that background, I guess I prefer the Incotex. While the Borrelli has more hand-work and also is made of beautiful fabric, the Incotex is more classically cut -- a more conservative cut I guess. The Borrelli slacks have a width at the bottom/cuff that is quite a bit narrower than the Incotex -- thus, the Incotex takes a cuff better. Actually, I got the Borrelli's hemmed with plain bottoms due to the width. 'Course, this is based solely on one Borrelli pair. Hopefully someone else has more experience. Frankly, I don't think you can go wrong with either. In my mind though, Incotex is a "sure thing."
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would you consider Incotex more tapered or straight leg?
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BBB, Of Incotex dress pants I have, they seem to be straight leg, or maybe a little tapered (not much). I do have a pair of Incotex jeans that are very tapered though.
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I agree with Kabert, in that I've found the Borrelli's to be typically Neopolitan - (fairly) low rise, slim leg, narrow leg opening. The Incotex slacks are more generous, in general. But when it comes to flat front slacks, I think they should have a low rise, slim fit, and plain bottom (no cuffs.) Just looks right. Generously cut flat front slacks strike me as a bit old-mannish (pardon the term.) I'm just as uncomfortable with slim-cut, low rise pants with pleats. Those don't look right either. And most importantly, make sure that the cut of the pants suits the jacket. Slim pants should be worn with a slim, short jacket. A full cut jacket doesn't look right (a lot of Italian brands don't seem to understand this - a long, skirted jacket with skinny pant legs sticking out the bottom is not a good look.) A slim, short jacket with full-cut pants can look good (check out some of the latest Ralph Lauren offerings) but it has to be done right. Sorry to preach...
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Fuller-cut flat front slacks are old mannish, huh Andrew? Actually, that's sort of what I always thought. A "nerdy" look. My wife though has told me a couple of times recently that she prefers me in flat front slacks -- that they're a "slimmer" look. I suppose they are, whether they're more or less stylish, etc. is open for debate though. On the other hand, I recently got a pair of Incotex flat front super 120s dress pants that are gorgeous -- they definitely don't say "nerdy".
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Good point - the Incotex slacks are not as slim as the Borrelli, but aren't really full-cut. I had a pair once and they fit pretty well.
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My own two cents: I have several Incotexs from the three "range" plus thier discontinued REM line, I also have Borrellis: It is difficult to generalise the 'fit' of these trousers, since they come in different models. I for one have a 'formale' Incotex that is as slim and low rised as the Borrelli. The 'satoriale' line of Incotex do tend to be a bit looser than the Borrellis, but the 'formale' Incotex are all over the place (as is the 'informale' line). That being said, the cut of Borrelli is also dependant on the model, some are looser than others. In terms of handwork, Borrelli may have a slight edge, but again, depending on the model/quality of the Borrellis that you are looking at. The very very best of Borrelli has a slight edge over the 'satoriale' Incotex.
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