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Until recently, hockey coaches were the lower paid cousins of the professional sports. However, since some have now been getting big contracts, in some cases a whole lot more than the players, we are beginning to see them dressing better. Along with Wilson, there is also Pat Quinn of the Maple Leafs, and a couple of others. Classic
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I'll see your Ron Wilson and Pat Quinn, and raise you a Pat Burns and Marc Crawford. For the record, I don't want to have to pull out Barry Melrose. But I will.
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You can't hold Don Cherry and Barry Melrose against Canada....
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Then again, what about Don Cherry. Classic
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Stan Van Gundy is awful. How can he work for Pat Riley and the Miami Heat and look so terrrrrrible? (spoken like Bill Walton) And Versace Man.....nice avatar.
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Stan's brother doesn't look too great either. Who can forget the image of him hanging from Alonzo Mourning's leg?
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