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Von dutch jeans...

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How do these compare in quality to PDC? The brand is almost unheard of over here, except for those trucker hats... I'm looking at them as an alternative to PDC, since they have a size 28 as standard, and the website ships worldwide - although ideally, I'll find some on sale. The models that appeal the most are the Engineer and the Slidder, in the fairly 'normal' washes, not the logo-splattered models. Does anyone have an online source for discounted Von Dutch?
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My slidders have held up pretty well. The denim is not as nicely textured as PDC, but the cloth is heavier weight and more durable. VOn Dutch has sort of peaked a while ago, and the jeans are on sale for about 1/2 price all over the place. Phone Allston Beat or Ozone in Boston - they were $69 for the slidder jean last time I looked (a couple of weeks ago. Gotta warn you though, the slidders are *super* low rise - they make the PDC GTO seem like high rise jeans.
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I haven't been impressed with the quality of Von Dutch stuff that I have seen. FWIW, I think it is rapidly becoming passe, since it was kind of a celebrity driven trend brand that celebrities have moved past, plus there is a bit of controversy over both the use of the name (Von Dutch's heirs sold his logo, and his friends think he'd have disapproved of its commercial use on clothing) and the man himself (some of his friends and acquaintances say he was a vehement racist).
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These arev stocked at DJs (I've seent hem in the Sydney store) so they should be available in the Melb store. You can check for quality that way ...
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