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Car shoe for prada

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What do you think of these shoes? It seems like Prada simply added their logo to charge an extra $50.
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They don't really appeal to me all that much. They look a lot like bowling shoes with driving dots added to the sole. How much do they cost? I am something of a driving nut, so I have strong opinions on driving shoes. For driving shoes, I look for three qualities which distinguish true driving shoes: 1) Close fit, and no protrusions or wide soles. Close fitting shoes are good for moving back and forth on the pedals. A wide sole is particularly bad when driving. 2) Thin, sensitive midsoles, so that you can feel the pedals. However, the midsoles idealy should have a somewhat stiffer area across the ball of the foot, extending to the side on the riight foot, so that you can adequately heel and toe with them. 3) Soft grippy outsole that extends to the back of the heel, for good purchase on the pedals and footwell area. More "sporty" driving shoes are patterned after racing shoes. The good ones will have all of the features mentioned above, and have a Nomex liner to protect your feet from fire. If you are getting a pair of driving shoes for real driving, make sure that they have these features, and are not simply a pair of loafers or lace ups with some dots on the heel. Some of my favorite driving shoes are from Piloti. They are reasonably priced, come in a variety of styles, have a nomex liner and an excellent fit and feel. My guess is that they cost a lot less than the Prada shoes you're looking at. www.piloti.com Of course, if you don't intend to do any serious driving in your new shoes, then it all comes down to whether or not you like the looks of the Prada shoes at issue.
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doesn't prada own car shoe? that would explain a lot
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