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Where to buy suit cloth in nyc?

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For all you nyc people: I am traveling to India in a few days for three weeks and am hoping to get some suits stitched. My relatives tell me that fabric selection there is decent, but not great, so I was thinking of taking the fabric from here. What's a good place in NYC that would have a good selection of patterns for a good price? How much does cloth generally cost? And how much (length) do I need for a two-piece 46R suit? I read in another thread that "Tip Top" was a good place to buy fabric, but I've searched the yellow pages and the only one I can find is on 6th avenue and it is a sportswear shop. Could someone elaborate on where it is if it still exists and/or give the phone number? Finally, I was thinking that I could take the lining and buttons too. The lining on most high end suits seems to be Bemberg (?) but I am not quite sure what that is. Is silk a better choice for the lining? If so, where could I get some whimsical patterns -- or should I just try and get that in India? I think I have also read that "horn" buttons are the best -- is there anything better and does anyone have any idea where I could get them? Thanks in advance for your help.
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Bemberg is a kind of rayon. Silk is better, and most decent tailors in India should be able to supply a silk lining. Where in India are you planning to get your suit tailored?
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I will be in both Bangalore and Chennai, but my cousin knows a good tailor in Bangalore who made the suit he got married in, so I will probably get it made there.
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Tip Top Super Fine Fabrics 675 Manhattan Ave Brooklyn, NY 11222 tel: (718) 609-1506
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Thanks for the help. Does anyone have any advice regarding the buttons?
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Tip Top is great. You will need approx. 4 to 4.25 yards.
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When making suits I always use horn blend buttons.
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any idea where I can get them?
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When making suits I always use horn blend buttons.
What's "Horn blend?"  I know what horn buttons look like, I don't think you can make buttons from hornblende, and I don't know how you would blend horn with anything.
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You can find horn buttons at Atlanta Thread Co. or Sew-True: I gather that you're in NJ. Sew-True is in NYC, so if you have time you could pay a visit and see what they have before buying. You can, of course, buy from their web site. Atlanta Thread and Sew-True offer many of the same products.
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any good tailors in bombay/ahmedabad for business suits?
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banksmiranda Do you know where I can buy real mother of pearl buttons? I want to replace the plastic buttons on a few of my dress shirts. Preferably a place in NYC. By the way, I would like thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge. -HitMan009
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HitMan009, PM or email me about what type (shape, thickness, diameter in either millimeters or ligne) of MOP button you are looking for.  I'm 99% sure I'll be able to provide you further information and get you what you need.
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More sources for fabrics: Atlas International Textile 16 Lake Ave Monroe, NY 10950 tel: (845) 783-2922 A & G Lintex Inc 35 W 35th St New York, NY 10001 tel: (212) 594-4462 Modern Woolens 129 Orchard St New York, NY 10002 tel: (212) 473-6780
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banksmiranda, your knowledge in this area is simply amazing. While browsing through in NYC, I stumbled upon this store. It's actually a corner store so finding it won't be too hard.. D. Singer Textile Co. 55 Delancey St.(corner of Eldridge St.) New York, NY 10002 (212) 925-4818 Fax: (212)925-4109
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