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For Sale: Thom Browne Shirts

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For Sale:
Thom Browne Shirts

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Price includes US shipping. Contact me for quote in international shipping.

Navy Gray White Check OCBD. Great shirt, selling cheap because I have several. TB0 $85.

White Club Collar Oxford Cloth. Minor grease or ink stains on inside, show through very faintly in some spots. Probably can be removed with stain treatment. Last pic is of inside of shirt. TB0. $110

Blue Short Sleeve OCBD. Bleached spots on front shown in pic. TB0. $100

White Oxford Cloth Wing Collar French Cuff. Inner label looks like a Brooks Brothers custom label, but has the name "Thom Browne" so this is a prototype or sample shirt. I don't know whether it was ever produced, may be one of a kind. 14-32 P19.75. $120

Green White Check OCBD. TBO 13.75-31 P19 $110

Slate Blue/Green OCBD Second pic is true to color. 14.5-29.75 P18.5 $100.

Blue OCBD with Red White Navy Grosgrain. Cut on right front. TB1 $110

Blue OCBD with Red White Navy Grosgrain. Cut on right front. This cut slightly worse than on the other one. TB1 $100

Light Blue / White Check OCBD. Abrasion on front between top two buttons. One collar point button not applied. The spot is marked. 15-33 P2P 21 $95.

White Pique Front Tuxedo OCBD. French cuff. No buttonholes cut on one cuff. TB1 15-33 P21 $70>>$60
Navy Gray White Check OCBD. Small mill flaw on back at level between bottom and second buttons. TB1 15-33.5 P 20.5 $95SOLD

Gray University Stripe Club OCBD. TB1 $115
White OCBD Spot on sleeve, pictured, is probably grease from a machine in the factory. The spot is only the small area near the end of the pen. There is a shadow on the pic which is not a stain on the shirt. TB1 $90SOLD

Thom Browne White with Blue and Red Stripe Club Collar. TB1 14.5-32 p2p 20 $89
Thom Browne White with Blue and Red Stripe Club Collar. TB2 15-33 p2p 20.75 $89
Thom Browne White with Blue and Red Stripe Club Collar. TB3 15.75-33.75 p2p 22.5 $89
Thom Browne White with Blue and Red Stripe Club Collar. TB4 16-34.75 p2p 23 $89

Gray Fine Wale Corduroy Shirt Jacket with Red White Blue Grosgrain on both side seams. How much is a label worth? This has a Garland Shirt Company neck label and an open spot on the lower left front where the Thom Browne label was removed. I am guessing this is a TB1. P2P 21.25. $50.

Red Navy WhiteYellow Flannel Button Down. TB2. $125.

Blue Oxford Cloth with White Grosgrain Piping. Small cut lower left front. TB2. $150

Navy White Green Brushed OCBD. Great color combination. TB2 $100

Navy Gray White Check OCBD. Great shirt, selling cheap because I have several. TB2 $85.

Red White Navy Buffalo Check TB2. $125

Blue White Green OCBD. Small cut on collar edge. TB2 15.5-33 P21 $85

Classic Short Sleeve Shirt in White w Micro Navy Overcheck Poplin. Club Collar. TB2sold, TB3, TB5 $90

Navy Gray White Check OCBD. Great shirt, selling cheap because I have several. TB3 $85.

Dark Blue Corduroy Pearl Snap Button Down TB3. $115

Blue Linen Button Down TB3 $110

White OCBD. 15.5-34 P21.5 TB3 $120

Gray/White with navy and red tic stripe OCBD. 16-34. $95

Pale Gray OCBD. Cut on front. TB4 16-34.5 P22.75 $70
White OCBD. No external TB label. TB4 16-35 P22.75 $110 SOLD

Navy Gray White Check OCBD. Great shirt, selling cheap because I have several. TB4 $85.


Blue OCBD with Red White Navy Grosgrain. Small hole on back TB2 $125 SOLD

Pastel Green with Navy & White Stripe OCBD. TB1 $115SOLD

Red White Blue Stripe Broadcloth Button Down. TB2 15.5-33 P20.5 $110SOLD
White with Green Strip Anchors Broadcloth Button Down. Small area pictured near top of button placket where fabric was not folded under when sewn. 1 minute with a sewing machine for an invisible fix. TB2 15.5-32.5 P21. $100SOLD

White OCBD with Red White Navy Grosgrain. Sharpie mark in neck, removable with stain treatment. TB0. $150SOLD

Blue OCBD Retail $240 TB0 14-31 P20.25 $120SOLD

Thom Browne Pink White Stripe. Custom. Fabric upgrade. 17.5-36 P24. $95SOLD
Thom Browne Gray White Stripe. Custom. Fabric upgrade. 17.5-36 P24 $95SOLD

Aqua Green White Check OCBD. TB1. $120SOLD

White Broadcloth Button Down Red White Blue Grosgrain Sleeve. Tiny mill flaw on tail will never be noticed. TB2 15.5-33.5 P20.5 $140SOLD

Uncommon RED OCBD. Two mill flaws visible in pic, one red on collar, one white on shirt near collar. TB2 $90SOLD

Navy White Video Check Button Down Label TB2 16-34 P21 $110SOLD
Dark Navy Cabana Camp Shirt TB3 16 P22. $100>>$85SOLD

Navy Gray White Check OCBD. Great shirt, selling cheap because I have several. TB1 $85.SOLD

Red Navy White Check OCBD. Mill flaw in white beside pocket. This is the model with navy grosgrain on both sleeves. Retail is stratospheric. TB3. $130.SOLD

Green Linen Button Down with Red White Navy Grosgrain Placket. 16-34 P21 TB3. $150SOLD

Red White Check OCBD with Red White Navy Grosgrain. Vibrant red. TB0 $160. SOLD

Navy White Green Flannel Button Down, Stripes on sleeve. TB0 $135 SOLD
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