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If you're just going to see some friends, why the dressy top half? I'm all for looking nice, but i know i'd be confused if one of my friends came over to watch football, or do some drinking all dressed up like that. You're in highschool/college, right? You don't want to be that guy, trust me. I'd lose the tie and sweater unless it was really cold.
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Its sort of a flat-party (apartment to you yanks, ) and I sorta felt like dressing up instead of going in a hoodie and t-shirt. It's going to be smart casual by my impressions.
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Stazy killed it in his last fit: colours are superb; love the glasses, shoes and MJK trousers!
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heyheyhey- see stazy's latest fit for how to absolutely kill smart casual. actually, i'd just copy > save all his fits if that's what you want. He EXECUTES. Make some dress shoes or something like that your next purchase. They don't have to be ultra formal ones. Just a step up from chucks if you want that look
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I do love that fit of yours Stazy. Its actually pretty much exactly what I was going for, except for different colours of course. Shoes are a must, next month maybe. If not, Christmas. (Long wait)
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RedLetterDay, sweet outfit.

heyheyhey, personally, I would at least lose the tie and unbutton your shirt's top button.
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Inappropriate for kids birthday party. But it was at a restaurant, so whatever.

Bloomingdales squirrel
Gucci shawl
Nom De Guerre trenchcoat
Dries Van Noten shirt
Levi's jeans
Paul Smith shoes (it's raining)
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BTW Stazy, you look great!
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Damn guys thanks for all the love. I feel honored to receive the fabled Rye GB 9/10. GoSurface, damn looks really good. Wish I could see a bit better but at this point the halogen-tinted far-away shots are pretty much trademark status. looks like we're both a bit politically incorrect this winter. Stazy, fits really slick. I like it. In a similar vein, Eason looking good as well. I think the shoes look fine, but some boots would probably look even better. robbie, the lighting on your "church clothes" photo is pretty ironic. are you going as a worshipper or a messiah? Chronoaug, b.son t-shirts aren't exactly peasantwear. looks really good man. If you didn't notice, I don't take fit pics on most days, but I have the utmost respect for people who actually take this thread by its title: "what are you wearing today" not "throw on your best shit and take a photo of it" (actually, being that I wear suits to work every day, I'd probably belong more in the MC forum for my everyday attire) Dismalfuture is always slick. His wardrobe is so refined that he can pretty much do what I wish I could: pick out 3 random things and have it all work together (and work well, at that). It's hard living up to that fucker's style.
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Originally Posted by Eason View Post

fuck am I tired tonight

Wow, I dig. I'm going to remake that exactly some time. Thanks for the color+piece combo inspiration.
What I like is that it's not over the top fashion that'll get you weird looks from anyone, it's just good, basic and well put together. Everything fits and it looks like it was intelligently put together.
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First WAYWT post, apologies for the poor lighting and bathroom mirror. Fall layering... BR zip up brown cable sweater cardi J Crew navy/maroon/green plaid button down Levi's Clarks desert boots in sand suede EG Herringbone Bedford
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Not sure about the jeans. Also, the color combination seems pretty tepid.
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I think the lighting is really poor giving it an orange tone and making the shirt look purple when its not even close to that color...but I'm not making excuses.
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What i'm wearing to see my friends' band play. Should be a great night. An ode to a superfuture legend. vibskov really childish watch tim hamilton jeans german army sneaks go surface- so so good, man. Are we the same size in clothes? Can i steal everything?
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Originally Posted by GoSurface View Post
Very nice, love the color and overall ambiance.
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I really like this, the EG jacket actually looks wearable, I usually don't like the cut of their clothes (short and wide). A darker jean would have been a nicer accent to the jacket, shirt and sweater.
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