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Originally Posted by cj3113 View Post
I would say it is worse, but I am guessing he didn't go around town in them. Or so I hope.

It's what I do when I haven't decided whether or not I'm going to return something.
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Originally Posted by robbie View Post
chrono- i think i've said this before, but you look a whole lot like Fab Moretti of the Strokes.
Roger Federer (without tennis skillz and millions of dollars)
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MJK Shawl Neck
A. Testoni

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Thanks all for your feedback both + and - on yesterday's fit. Except for Eason calling me a penguin. Fucker.

Just kidding Eason.

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warlok i like this, previous look was somehow a little too preppy for my taste. perhaps a bit too much stacking on the apcs? the shoes are great, where are they from?
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Yeah yesterday was better received in the old fart (aka men's clothing) section. The APCs are still new so I anticipate better stacking once they are more broken in and after a good soak. Shoes are Bottega Veneta. Shirt is Hanes or Fruit of the loom or some such dreck, and jacket is Tim Hamilton from my new best friends the Gilt hotties.

Shoe closeup from a previous WAYWT.

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Pinoy, really liking that Cloak jacket. Let me buy it from you...
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i need some new hate blockers
i wanted to see what these would look like on me before i bought them

you guys dont like the tags??
i like walking around and flashing the price tag
chicks dig it
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^ Is that really a picture of you? Actually looks good. Edit: Ah, I see that it's not you. Got the reference.
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cbusguy- looks like a Scott Shuman of The Sartorialist photo. I dont' see tags though. warlok1965- You look very comfortable in your outfit, and your style is consistent. I like:-)
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yo loose the man bag but i must say FINALLY your the first person 2 be retro with shoes on lol big upps though man i like the superfaded fro juss like kidd n play
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Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC View Post
fuck it's supposed to rain all afternoon/night might change
wow u no3 they call this style forum 4 a reason
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I hate the dresses socal is wearing... on females. On him, I loathe them.
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