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Improbably cheap luciano barbera suits

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There are several Luciano Barbera suits listed on eBay by a seller with decent ratings and at an attractive price. (See below) Curious about forum member's experiences with said garments and seller. Any explanation aobut the "club" label--haven't seen in the US (Louis, Saks, Neimans). Rob
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To my - admittedly untutored - eye, that suit looks very fused. The Barbera family is (was) involved in textiles, so this may be a case like the 'Zegna' suits that are made from Zegna fabric by no-name makers. The label looks like a desktop-computer-generated imitation of a store/factory label. I don't know the seller, but I'd bold the caveat in caveat emptor for this one...
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Isn't that the "green label" diffusion stuff? Not the top of the line, and not even close to $3k retail. That said, it still may be worth $300. Not sure, though.
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I saw these suits at century 21 about a month ago. No doubt they are fused, however, the fabric is top notch as well as the styling. I *think* the suits were going for $600 there.
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Great cut, great fabric, but yes it is fused. Yes they are at Century 21 for $600.
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I'd say for $300 it's a steal.
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I'm dismayed that Luciano Barbera, my favorite brand, is lending his name to questionable goods. Why think about this when you can buy genuine handmade "Collezione Sartoriale" Barbera or St. Andrews from reputable Ebay sellers (some of whom are forum members) for $300-$400 more? Or, at this price point, I'd look for Hickey-Freeman.
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