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Yeah, I went quiet on them for a long time too.
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I had a Jantzen order in May. First time in years. Shirt came exactly as ordered in about one month. Will order again.
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I was in HKG on Nov 3.

I got my shirts yesterday.

They said I'd get them in "two weeks". According to the postage stamp, they were sent on the 20th.

Can't really judge fit as this is the first time in... well a long time I've had clothes that fit (lost 60 pounds) so it feels somewhat strange to not have a ton of fabric everywhere. No loose threads, some things could be a touch shorter here but I think (hope) with washing that will change.

That said, I am particularly worried about the armpits. They are certainly on the tight side of things. Next order I will notify them about that (have three fabrics selected for next time).

Can't get HTML from photobucket, so here you go:

I don't dislike the top shirt, just don't like it as much as I thought I would, Will probably still wear it once a week. Bottom shirt is a workhorse.

Anyway, the experience at Jantzen was kind of neat, if anyone is interested I can write it up.
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Do you have the fabric #s, Ed? How is the feel on the oxford?
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Originally Posted by edinatlanta View Post

I was in HKG on Nov 3.
Anyway, the experience at Jantzen was kind of neat, if anyone is interested I can write it up.

Would be interested to hear it.
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Originally Posted by Gibonius View Post

Would be interested to hear it.


I would as well.

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Thought I'd share my recent experience at Jantzen as a first time customer there (though no stranger to tailors around Asia). Got measured at their shop in person in late Nov, and got the shirts about 2 weeks ago in New York, so decent turnaround time. I'll keep things brief, as much has been said about Jantzen already:


-- Ordered 4 shirts in standard office colors (white, blue, bengal etc). Fabric selection was fair, but nothing really outstanding. Made up into shirts, they seem functional but are clearly more workhorse than luxury.


Body -- I was told it would be a close fit, which is accurate; some slight shrinkage in the wash which is useful actually. Shirts were all too long, despite repeated reminders, and specific measurements given. Disappointing.


Sleeves -- Too long, despite reminders not to make them so (edges reach over the V between thumb and forefinger).


Cuffs -- Thick and solid, though somewhat rough in construction, especially the French cuffs. Left cuffs made wider as instructed, great.


Collar -- Nicely constructed, these are perhaps the best part of the shirt.


Neck -- Too small, again despite repeated reminders to expand this area (and actual measurements taken twice). I can't even button them properly without choking. Simply unforgivable.


Buttons -- Not the best quality. Perhaps I should have specified MOP or something, but these were meant to be workhorses so I didn't. Take note if you're particular. Top button below collar too high, again this was something specified and measured, but not done to specifications.



My expectations going in weren't high, given the price etc., but having owned shirts from tailors all over Asia (Singapore, HK, Beijing/Shanghai), I'm disappointed that Jantzen couldn't really deliver on the the basics. I'm not asking for Ascot Chang quality, but surely basic measurements and instructions aren't so hard to follow (especially when translated into Cantonese when English seemed to be misunderstood). Not a complete disaster, but those having shirts sent overseas might want to take note of the points above, as corrections cost a lot over here, as I've come to find.

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it's funny how their styleforum rep has gone downhill since they "banned" me from their shop for asking for too many adjustments. karma.
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Just placed an order for 3 shirts, heard back from them within a few days and! they told me to like their FB page:

I still can't find a better shirt for the price.
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Just to add to the ever present info on Jantzen. I was in Hong Kong recently so though I would pop in. The measured me up and shirts ready for the next afternoon, despite it being super busy in there. The shirts were a perfect fit. For me mail order has always been touch and go with them, but in person has always been great.
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Originally Posted by tom153 View Post

Do you have the fabric #s, Ed? How is the feel on the oxford?

Nope. The books there (IIRC) are not numbered, they just take a sliver out of the swatch and tape it to your order.

Shirt feels pretty nice, actually. Unforunately I got some ink on it and it has a small tear in the side, will be ordering another one. And I really like the top one a fuck ton, too.

Originally Posted by Gibonius View Post

Would be interested to hear it.

So, like many things in HKG, its in a nondescript building. The doorway is also tiny as fuck, I think I walked past it twice. You go in, it is mercilessly air conditioned and try to find a seat at the counters. The swatch books are passed around with ~20 people at a time ordering or being fitted. It is incredibly daunting because they just have so much and it isn't particularly helpfully organized "Stripes 1" "Solids 2" etc.

Anyway that's kind of standard procedure, its just kinda fun becuase its so hectic and crowded (space is tiny). They keep your deets on a tri-form piece of paper and tape little slivers of your orders to it. (There were some that had dozens of swatches which I thought was cool) and they will keep all your records forever. No joke.

They have a rack of model shirts with codes that all roughly fit size ranges and you put one on and with their iPad, they enter in the code of the shirt and make tweaks to the model, then I guess send that info to the seamstress and deliver the mock shirt too so they can more accurately see what's going on (I presume). Anyway, the one slightly discomforting thing about it is that they don't bother to see how the neck fits. I tried to button my "test shirt" and they were like "don't do, we take care we take care!" I was like, "uh...ok..."
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Hi guys,

I've got a number of shirts that I want Jantzen to copy, exactly. I actually live in Hong Kong but if I have a shirt that fits perfectly already, why bother fitting again?

My question is - does anyone have experience with Jantzen copying a shirt, and if so, how did it work out? Thanks.
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Hey gents,


Sorry for the bump - was hoping to get some informed advice from more experienced customers and thought it would be easier posting here rather than reading through the 100+ pages.


I'll be in Hong Kong during their winter for work and was planning on dropping by Jantzen to purchase a few tailored shirts. Having done some research, it appears the biggest drawback of Jantzen is that many of their fabric are apparently low quality, so I was hoping to get some insight on which fabrics are considered to be the better ones.


I'm planning on purchasing shirts strictly for business wear and after taking a look at their online selection, I settled on their Plain Cotton and Cotton Twill fabric, in particular:


1. CT#22 (Super Fine Snow White Fine Cotton Twill)

2. CT#13 (Light Blue Fine Plain Cotton Twill)

3. Jantzen*2250 (Light Blue Fine Twill)

4. PC#11 (Super Fine White Plain Cotton)

5. PC#21 (Super Fine Light Blue Plain Cotton)

6. PC#9 (Light Blue Plain Cotton).


Does anyone have prior experience with the above fabric and can vouch for their quality (or lack thereof)?

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Probably best just to feel them in person when you're there anyways...
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Yeah I was planning on doing that, but was also interested in other people's opinion given my lack of experience (read: none) in assessing quality of fabrics.

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