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Need a jacket, help me choose

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Long time reader, first time caller. You guys helped me buy a suit last year -- ended up with a great one from Theory. 



I'm 31, live in SF Bay area, married. I'm 6'2, 160lbs, tall and thin. Over the last 3 years I've l lost 50lbs and acquired a taste for clothes that actually fit me. I've come a long way developing a sense of my own style. 


I took advantage of the recent Nordstrom sale. I picked up several options and need to choose which to keep. The biggest item here is a sport jacket. I picked up this guy for a great $299: 



But in the spirit of having an alternative, I'm thinking about having this shipped to me as well (wasn't on sale): 


Any thoughts on these 2? I'll snap a pic of the Varvatos jacket on. I think it fits OK, a bit wide in the shoulders for me. It's a 38R, which is the same size as my Theory jacket. 


BTW, my Nordstrom haul also included: 




And a couple shoe options.... really could use any advice here as well..



Of these, I lean to the Allen Edmonds but I will have to see how they all fit. I wanted to give myself options across a price range. 


Do I just need to try on that other jacket to know? 

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Don't like either jacket. They look short and I don't like that fad/style.
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I am almost 6'1, 165 lbs, and I wear 40L.


Are you sure you're a regular fit and not a long?

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I may be a L, and didn't try an L in this jacket, but did last year at Theory and went with the R. Sleeve length seems fine, and jacket length hits where I like it. 


The pics I snapped before leaving home this morning a too dark to post. Overcast day. But with the J.V. jacket, I can barely see the bottom stitching of the pockets on my jeans. 


The jacket certainly isn't a glove. It's a bit too wide at the shoulders. But I don't see any puckering at the bicep/shoulder, it fits nicely around the chest -- it's a slim cut so I can see form without the fabric looking stretched at the button. But if it's a good jacket I'll have that work done, esp since I got a good deal on it. 


Anyway, good comments so far, I appreciate the feedback. Would love to know what people think about the relative quality and any experience anybody has had. 

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Nevermind. I read your post incorrectly. I thought you mentioned the material around your button looked stretched.


If the shoulders you feel are not wide enough, you should maybe go back and try a larger size on and exchange if needed.

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Sorry, I misspoke: It's too wide at the shoulders. Not by much, maybe an inch... As jacket alterations go, I'm not sure how much work it is to take it in at the shoulders. 

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Oh.  I'm no fashion expert but I have spent the past 2-3 weeks researching about suits and tuxes for my wedding next year.  I hear it's hard to fix the shoulders. 

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Originally Posted by ter1413 View Post

Don't like either jacket. They look short and I don't like that fad/style.


Stay away from Nordstrom and Macys for that matter. They sell faddish cheap and cheap looking clothing or boring
mainstream clothing- for the older crowd. No real style in either category.
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Your only planning to keep one pair of shoes, right?
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