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Are these decent shoes?

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I just got a pair of really cool Moreschis from Bluefly for use as a casual shoe (jeans, chinos, etc.). I LOVE THEM. And they smell better than any other shoe I've had. But it just makes me realize that I need another pair of casual shoes to rotate with them (I formerly just kept wearing the same casual pair every dah). On weekends, I just won't let myself wear the Moreschis more than once. So, I thought these might be good with cords/jeans. I've never had a suede shoe before though. Thoughts? Are these decent shoes?
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Link is to a pair of Ralph Lauren shoes. Nice ones though.
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They're quite inexpensive, and with Bluefly's return policy, why are we even having this conversation? I hadn't worn suede shoes for about five years, and a couple of weeks ago decided to get a pair. Got some of the suede Moreschis from Bluefly as a matter of fact. I'd say buy these and if they look decent, keep them. Just remember to spray 'em with some suede protectant before you get them dirty, buy a suede eraser and brush, and you're all set.
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I bought 'em. $74 after shipping with the 15% code. I returned the McCallum boots though -- which is why I'm looking for another casual pair. The 10.5 McCallums didn't fit -- and they weren't quite me either. I'm happy enough saving the money anyways. Now I can pine over the C & J handgrades for a while (though my Alden captoes are a lot darker brown than I remember, and thus it may be unnecessary to buy another pair of brown shoes, but we'll see; on that score, for "suit shoes" I have 2 pair of black, 1 pair of burgundy, and one pair of brown. Would you get one more pair of brown?).
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Retronotmetro -- suede protector? What sort would you recommend?
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I've used Tana suede protector, and Kiwi. I don't think there's any real quality difference between the two--same parent company IIRC.
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Here are the Moreschis I was talking about. The picture really doesn't do them justice -- really a fantastic shoe. The leather glows.My new favorite shoes
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Glad you like them jn.. I am seriously considering those very shoes myself, though I am having difficulty in justifying another pair at the moment.
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JN3, do you find the Moreschis on par with the Italy made Ralph Lauren's? I think those are very nice and would be a good casual Friday shoe?
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I have both the Moreschis and the Polo Brawley captoes. First, the Moreschis that I highlighted unfortunately only have an 11.5 left I think. However, as for sizing, my opinion is that Moreschi sizing runs true to size or 1/4" small for this particular shoe. I ordered an 11 and it fits, though I can even put my orthotics in and still be comfortable. The Brawleys I am an 11, and doubt I could put orthos in without getting too tight. Polo Ed Greens I wear a 10. So, that said, the Moreshis I highlighted are from the Goldline. I find the construction slightly better than the Polo Brawleys. The leather in the Moreschis is thinner, but not by much. But it also is better finished IMO. The Polo's I am very impressed with, however. I put them on today (black captoes) and I was struck by just how elegant the last is, and the leather is very good. They are goodyear welted, I believe, while the Moreschis appear black stitched. Notwithstanding that, however, I think the Moreschis are still better constructed. Between the non-Goldline Moreschis though and the Polos, the Polos win hands down.
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