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Looking for a cheap tuxedo. Is this a good buy?

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Hey everyone,


I need a tuxedo for my Chinese dinner banquet. I am the groom.


I am not planning on getting a rental because I want to get it tailored.  I only plan to wear this tux once because my lifestyle does not involve black tie events. I have checked Suit Supply, and while it looks pretty good (though I feel the peak lapels are too wide and high for my tastes), I really cannot justify the cost of it. 


I was looking at this tuxedo: 


Alfani Tuxedo (Macy's):


I think it will meet my needs and for the price, it seems pretty good.  I tried it on today and it's not bad.  It is 100% wool with some polyester lining. With the pants, the ensemble will cost less than $200. 


What do you guys think? Or is there a better option?


Thanks in advance. 


EDIT: I am about 6'1, 165 lbs. My jacket size seems to be a 40L.


EDIT: I wore this rental tuxedo while I was in South Korea taking prewedding pictures with my fiance.

It was a 42L. It might been slightly too large. The 40L seems to fit me more snugly. 

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Looks like it's vented and a 2 button, instead of the traditional ventless one button, but at least it has peak lapels. I don't know of anything else in the price range and I think with the right accoutrements it'll be fine. What are you doing for shirt, waist covering, etc...?
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Thanks for the reply.


I am going to look around for a tuxedo shirt and cumberbund. I'm trying to get the same ensemble as the rental tuxedo combo I wore while in South Korea. As for the bowtie, I might have to wear a red one.  Do they make red tuxedo bow-ties?


I decided to buy the jacket for now.  I got it down to basically $105 after tax.  I have to find the trousers though, the website didn't have the right size for me.  I can probably find it at  Macy's Men or something. 


If I have to take the jacket off because I am sweating, do I leave the cumberbund on?  If I plan to take the jacket off, should I look into getting a tux vest?

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They do make red bow ties.

Leave the cummerbund on if your jacket comes off. Traditionally it's more correct to wear a waistcoat with peak lapels and a cummerbund with shawl lapels, but proper tux waistcoats can be hard to find. Cummerbund will be easier and cheaper.
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Got it. Thanks a lot for the info.

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Red bow tie is rather clownish. But it sounds like you're someone's Ken doll for the evening. Have them buy your tux.
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oh yea. If the color is god-awful, I will return it and swap for something else.  But for Chinese weddings, there isn't much of a variety other than red or gold. 

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While I was taking those prewedding pics, I wore the same tux with 4 different bow-tie & cummerbund colors: black, white, red, and that one I was wearing on my initial post. Not quite sure how to describe that one.


Here is a pic of me wearing the red bow-tie.


I was slouching.


At least this shade of red seems tasteful - at least to me.  I hope the one I ordered isn't blood red. 

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