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Wedding shoes

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I'm in a more formal wedding, black tie optional, and realized I don't have any black oxford style shoes that would work for the occasion.  My budget is pretty set at right around a $100 and on Macy's.  Macy's is having a 25% off sale so I was going to try to take advantage of it this week.  These are shoes I might wear a couple times a year to weddings etc. I'm a 9.5 and might need a wide depending on the shoe.

Which of these is the lesser of the "evils" to pair with a darker grey Ralph Lauren suit?

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The only one of those shoes that is actually a black cap toe oxford is the second one. The others are derbies. It's also in my opinion the least horrible design, probably because it isn't a derby pretending to be an oxford.


As for the quality... at least it doesn't market itself as machine washable. If you bought a suit from Ralph Lauren it's hard to understand the $100 limit for shoes.

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Thanks for the information on the difference between the shoes, I was looking at them as all "Oxfords".  The suit was on sale at Macy's earlier this summer, it's a "Lauren Ralph Lauren" for a decent bit under $200.  From a quick look on the site, not considered a real Ralph Lauren. 

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+1 to the second option in the lineup. Couldn't say it any better than blackadder did.


If I may offer you an alternative?


I noticed a few of the options lingering around the $170 price point. If you could stretch your budget ever so slightly I'd suggest these?


At least then you'd be wearing a goodyear welted, English made shoe that has a sensible toebox and isn't too gaudy.


All the best with whichever one you choose.

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Of those, the second one.
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Originally Posted by Shawl Lapel View Post

Of those, the second one.

+1, and a big fat +1 to the herringshoes-idea. If you compare the pictures alone, you quickly see that the CK shoe can't even hold a candle in comparison.


The Florsheim Derby is the only other shoe worth mentioning here. While it isn't an Oxford, like others have pointed out before, it looks half decent and I bet most ppl wouldn't be able to tell the difference to a 'proper' evening wear shoe. That being said, the options mentioned above are superior.

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Thanks for the suggestions and input, much appreciated.  I'll look into the herring oxford and see if I can stretch my budget or cut some "fat" somewhere. 


How would the Cole Haan 'Air Garrett' Cap Toe compare to the Calvin Klein in option 2?  Just checking some other options.  Promise this is the last.

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Also a good option. Are you going to wear these aside from at weddings? If you're going to put them in a regular rotation it'll be worth looking at quality and construction. If it's an occasion shoe, get what you like and what's' cheaper.
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