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FS: 11.5 D Tramezza Black Loafer

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11.5D Tramezza Black Loafer Brand New no box.

plain vamp , slightly fashion forward, maybe not for any of the sf veterans, maybe interest for the new sfers. albeit, still a tramezza.

$249 shipped

again, note, tramezza /ferragamo runs a bit narrow/small. you should be a full 11 D or 11.5 narrow to wear these. although these are loafers, they probably can stretch after time.
mine did , i speak from experience. but i still wear a 10.5 in ferragamo when i am a 10D

if no interest, throw to ebay.

pics later when i come back home.
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one of these days you will awaken to the need/want of the 12,s of the world
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trust me i am trying my best. dont shoot the messenger!
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pics please?
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Originally Posted by farfisa23 View Post
pics please?

+1 show me the photos
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you guys dont read? it says pics will come later when i get home!
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here are the photos , guys:

now that i take a closer look, the loafers are not that fashion forward as i first thought them to be.
they actually look like standard plain vamp loafers but with a bit of a more stylish moc toe seam near the toe
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dior, regarding your size comment, will a 11.5D tramezza fit just like an 11.5D Lav Originale?
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i think it should. i think all ferragamo just runs slightly narrow in general.

the measurements of these (upper leather ) are

12 3/4 inches long and 4 1/4 inches at widest

best to know your size for certain in these tramezzas if possible.

i dont know if this helps any
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I tell you what, you come across some gorgeous shoes.
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hey , thanks sator
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dior: I wear an 11D in every other shoe. Are you saying I should look for an 11.5D in the Tramezza? won't this be a little long and loose? won't I have to buy those stupid heel inserts from Dr Scholls?
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Sweet!...These shoes eluded me on EBay. Todaybay shoes sold three pairs of these in my 9.5D size, right past my nose. Guys, the shoes went for approximately 400.00 each time. Oh, and if you come across a 9.5D for this price, just send them to me and the check will be in the mail. I was just talking to a salesperson the other day telling him how my allegiance to Ferragamo was dying. These give me a little spark. Ferragamo also makes a brown tassel loafer with the same lines...650.00 on sale at NM prior to the "Last Call"
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oh shoot. i should have put them on ebay. more money comes more risk though.

anyways, yes, you should be a 11-11.5 to wear these, imo.

but ,however the shoes are sold already sorry.
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