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It's time to say goodbye

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The time has come for me to bid my adieu. I have spent too much time and money as a result of this great forum, and need to break my addiction.  Before I go, I must say that I have enjoyed the forum very much, and while I rarely had anything of substance to add, there are those which I wish to thank. In no particular order: j - for starting and managing a great forum. Steve B. - for even handed moderation and an excellent book. A. Harris - for making trades that I hope were of benefit to both of us. Johnnynorman3 - for alerting me and picking up a very cheap Borrelli suit for me from Boston. Duveen - for doing the same for a great Sartorio tux in DC. FCS - for spirited ideological debate. The Foxx - for the recommendation of Atlanta Custom Clothiers. And of course everyone else whose knowledge has given me new insights and appreciation for the sartorial arts. Yours, Andy
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HRHAndrew, I'm sorry to see you go. I hope at some future point, you will return, if even on a limited basis. Your posts have always been helpful and/or informative. I fully understand your reasoning. This kind of (very valuable) forum can be addicting. All the best to you in going "cold turkey." I'm sure if you return soon, your friendship here will be picked up as if it had never been interrupted. Best wishes,
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Oh come on, you know how addicting this place is...I give you three days and you'll be back Seriously though, you'll be missed here. Always a downer when a frequently-posting member leaves. Drop by later on and let us know how you're doing though, and share your recent purchases and good deals. Me? I can't picture myself leaving. While I do spend a great deal of time here (as well as more money than I would have spent before), the amount of knowledge I gain is priceless. It's such a valuable resource. I know I can ask a question about any sartorial topic, and someone will know the answer within an hour. Amazing. So, with that said, I'd like to give some thanks to everyone (even though I'm not leaving) who has helped me out, or just engaged in thought-provoking conversation with me. Especially big thanks to J for providing this place, and Steve for keeping everything in order.
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I just come back from my absence, and I see one of my favorite posters is leaving us. If HRH is true to his word he will not see this, but I must extend him a heartfelt thank you. Somehow, and I am not sure how he tracked me down, he sent me a very nice note expressing sympathy for the passing of my mom. I was so touched to receive a note from someone I never met, or even knew if his name was indeed Andrew. So I say thanks to HRHAndrew, and the rest of you who expressed sympathy. It is good to be back nonetheless.
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It was good having you on the forum Andy, we are sorry to lose you. Oh, and I love my jacket.
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HRH, too bad to see you leaving. I hope you'll check back once in a while sometimes in the future. All the best for now.
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Sorry to see you leave. I've enjoyed your posts. Good luck to you.
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I'm sorry as well, you will be missed, and I do totally understand the need for a clean break. Pstoller did the same thing, and I myself essentially did a while back as well because my personality tends toward overdoing it on some things. Perhaps after a while you can come back in moderation. In any case, best wishes to you.
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Andrew: Thanks for the kind words. Hope to see you and your nutty friend back soon.
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HRHAndrew, are you back yet?
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