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SW&D CHALLENGE - FLORAL FUN - 8/2/14 - 8/16/14

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Time for the next challenge...


Go wild with floral print shirts, go Oscar Wilde with a green carnation boutonniere, go retro with that slightly stained 80's Guns & Roses tour T-shirt, go goth with a black rose. How about an Hawaiian shirt (Tom Selleck 'tache optional)? The theme is floral, but the scope is wide. Lazing in front of the flower beds of your local park is fine.

The challenge is open for two weeks, and a poll will be assembled within a day or two of the closing date (note how I've attempted to master that weird date format most of you insist on using - end of play 16th August whichever timezone you're in).

Okay - this one isn't sponsored, but plenty of kudos to be won and at great very limited expense I shall provide the winner with a floral handkerchief from Liberty of London - as English as they come and a prize not to be sneezed at!

Post your entries here!
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I might get in on this one
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Floral print isn't really visible so I might provide another pic soon.


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Paging @trafficjam for that awesome niche outfit
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I feel like this challenge will be full of inventiveness.
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this may or may not be my official entree for this challenge. This is what I'm wearing today and I found a full length mirror

deets "low flying dove"
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That shirt is amazing.
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I got bat signaled.

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Great idea for a challenge. I'll follow this one closely for future kop inspiration.
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paging MoK
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MoK better fire up the MoK Batsignal
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@Parker @gdl203 @conceptual 4est, you are all expected to show up as well.
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Does this count?

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