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How long can it take to find a fine leather wallet, you ask?

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I've always liked fine leather wallets, ever since I bought a long black alligator one while living in Rome years ago. I've used it maybe five times, but I still run across it when I do my quadrennial spring cleaning.  O.K., so I'm a slob.  Anyway, I look at it for a minute or so, and then lovingly wrap it back in its tissue paper.  After that really fancy one, I decided that a billfold would be more appropriate for life back in the States, and I ran by chance across the name Degeler, which I had never heard of.  That little beauty of a wallet was sent from Germany literally days after ordering it online.  I see from a recent search that Degeler's company has really grown and flourished over the years. Well-deserved, I'd say. Frank Degeler gave friendly and excellent customer service, along with a finely made product. But recently, I had a yen for more luxe, so why not Hèrmes?

Unfortunately, I couldn't find a style that suited my needs.  So I decided to go one better than Hermès:  Luis Vuitton.  O.K., O.K., that was a bad joke. But I did go to LV's Website, and finally decided to order a nice item which had to be special ordered through customer service.  And so the nightmare begins...  At first, I honestly could not tell what language or dialect the CS rep was speaking.  (English, BTW, is not my first language.) Then I realized that she was from our shores. She said there would be a 5-week wait or so, which was fine by me.  She took down all of the particulars, and I proceeded to wait with baited breath, waiting being half the fun. After four weeks or so, I called LV back to see what the status of my order was. Order?  What order?  They had no record of it!  And I said that waiting was fun...  By this time I was feeling a bit ill.  Then, right here on Styleforum (am I supposed to use lower case?  Will this post be deleted?) I ran across the name Duret.  Hmm, it sounded good, and it reminded me of all of those French pastries I used to gorge on in Paris. What a fine selection of wallets on his online site!  I ended up ordering a dark brown crocodile billfold with sky blue goat lining and a decorative "blue jean" linen thread border. It arrived just a couple of days ago, and I could not be happier.  The quality and craftsmanship are superb.  The only negative is that after paying for it, there's precious little folding money in it.  Oh well, it's less bulky that way.

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+1, ^^^, although I do enjoy a good OCD project once in a while. Well, upon further reflection, I always have at least one going.

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May I ask what it ended up costing? What was the process, phone, email? Please walk us through it.


Thank you,



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2) Choose French or English text (naturally, the French text is clearer)

3) Click on Galery link

4) Follow the Wallets icon to scroll through an amazing variety of choices 

5) I sent an e-mail with my choice of skins, colors, stitching, and the exact dimensions for my wallet.

6) M. Mickaël Benarroch will respond with a quote; mine was 1 530 EUR.

7) Payment is by wire transfer.

8) M. Benarroch will e-mail a sketch, verifying the particulars and dimensions.

9) A Duret-Paris rep, fluent in English, called me to double-check the details.

10) Time from payment to delivery was about ten weeks.

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Thank you so much, very helpful.

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