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Is pin stripe trendy pattern?

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Ok, fall is comming and i am thinking of doing MTM Zegna or Armani (dark blue colors).. but I am wondering if I should go solid or stripe. I like stripe not because they are in trend now.. but I like it because I think it makes broader shouldered guys look slimer, plus the suit it self looks more interesting to look at. The question is .. will the stripe always be around in mens fashion? I would not buy bold stripe .. rather i'll stick with pin stripe. Plus, do you guys think dark blue with or w/o pin stripe suit would work good for night out suit?
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I've always thought pinstripes have been around for, say 1000 years, or a few years after mechanical weaving machines were developed in Europe or China in about 800 A.D. Maybe that's a slight exaggeration. But, pinstripes have been around for at least several hundred years and are classic and correct and look great, day or night. Personally, I've always thought a navy suit with subtle pinstripes looks more striking/flattering than the same suit without pinstripes. Trendy?
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if you're a follower of trends, then i guess everything becomes fashionable or not, sooner or later.
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Personally, I like pin stripes and agree with Kabert regarding their versatility and looks. Regarding whether they are considered trendy, only if you chose to go with a cut that is "now", and not the timeless 2 or 3 button styles, which are always in fashion. Classic
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I'm a fan of chalk stripes over pin stripes--in fact I just ordered a navy chalk stripe worsted suit. Neither pin nor chalk stripes is ever really "trendy" though certain companies may decide to make more of them during certain years or seasons. It's too old and classic a look to be a trend, though it may wax and wane in popularity.
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I second retronotmetro. I love both pin stripes and chalk stripes. My favorite- Bogart wears a double breasted black (or charcoal. Its hard to tell since the film is in black and white) suit in "The Big Sleep." He just looks great. While the style may go in and out of fashion, there have always been someone wearing it, and not just the squares. I'm going to have to find one like Bogart's now.
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for reference, Roetzel's 'Gentleman:...' book has some decent illustrations of the various patterns - chalkstripe, pinstripe, windowpane, nailhead, houndstooth, glen plaid, prince of wales...they're all great when used appropriately, i think. /andrew - covets brown-tan-yellow glen plaid suits
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