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Alden Cordovan Shell - cleaning issue

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Hello everybody


I recently got a nice pair of Alden cordovans (dark burgundy). When I got the shoes they were already shined. I was wearing them every 3rd day for about two weeks, and was brushing them as soon as I came home from the office. One day after light rain, I wiped them dry right after I came home. 


After they dried (48 hours), I noticed small "stains" on the leather which felt also rough like dried out leather. I tried to brush the shoe and work on it with a deer bone and more brushing. However, the stains didn't seem to go away. I also tried to apply a small amount Alden's fine paste wax... without any satisfying result either. 


I attached two photos of the spots on the shoe. Does one of you know how to get rid of those spots? 


Thank you in advance




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those aren't stains . . . . they're welts from the rain.

had the same problem with my first cordovan, which happened to be one of my favorite boots


all you need do is 'press' the welts out ( for lack of a better word ) using either an abbeyhorn sleeking bone or a spoon.


my experience - which some may disagree with - is to lubricate the sleeking bone / spoon with a tiny bit of saphir crème delicate. the only reason I mention that particular brand is that it is all I've ever used for this process. contrary to what some may say, the deer bone is crap - it's bulky and ineffective for the natural curvatures of a pair of shoes.


the more pressure the better because what you will actually be doing is re-compacting the shell fibers

using a tiny bit of saphir as a lubricant more than anything. if you still encounter some discoloration, you can do the same thing with a tiny bit of cream polish in an appropriate color.


if you choose to use a spoon, make sure you don't drag the 'edge' of it across the leather or you will scratch what you've already done. if you choose to use cream polish . . . . tiny tiny amounts also known as using only what you need, you aren't trying to re-color the shoe.


take your time, keep at it, you'll be fine - it will lessen the appearance of the welts

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Thanks for the hint. I will try the Abbeyhorn bone.

Is it normal for cordovan shell to be that fragile when it comes to water? Till now I thought that it can take water drops quite well...

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shell is notoriously susceptible to these welts from rain etc

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