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Hey guys, so I'm new to this site. But not a beginner to fashion but have a few questions I feel you guys could help with if you would be so kind to. smile.gif

In preparation for freshman year of highschool I'm looking for new brands and maybe some new styles to try and I have a near unlimited budget so brand and price is not a problem.

I usually wear Rl BL as I am tall and thinner and fits nicely as well as vineyard vines and brooks brothers. I was looking into Armani, Dolce&Gabbanna, and Fendi. What are the ups and downs to these? I'll probably be buying mostly t shirts and dress shirts.

In addition to what I said earlier, especially armani, how could this be? I've heard some bad things about the brands I just named, would it be better to just stick with black label??

So I guess I'm asking, what are the good and bad things about Armani, d&g, fendi excluding price. would it just be best in the end to stick with what I have now(black label/vineyardvines)

thanks so much guys