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Hello, Well, I figured with such a fashionable group of guys on this forum, some of you would have nice clothing you are interested in getting rid of. Well, I'm trying to build up a nice collection and would be interested in buying. I'm looking for both casual clothing, as well as suits. My Criteria: - Lightly worn. No holes, stains, tears, etc. Denim is the exception. - Recent. Within a few years. Please, no 'power suits'. What I'm looking for: - High-end designer brands for trendier casual clothing: Gucci, Prada, Jil Sander, YSL, Comme des Garcons, Etro (especially), Dolce, Versace, Diesel, PDC, and the like. Things like shirts, sweaters, slacks, jeans. - Suit: Preferably with little wear. I need one for interviewing, and would like something in charcoal or navy, 3-button. Canvassed is preferable. Canali, Corneliani, Isaia, etc. - Ties: Basic, and hopefully one in a yellow or gold. - Shoes: I need a pair of black oxfords, possibly a cap-toe. I'd also be interested in more casual shoes. I'd prefer them to be worn very little. My measurments: Neck: 17.5" (I just end up wearing a 15" in shirts I wear untucked, so that the chest fits right) Chest: 38" Sleeve: 35" Waist: 31" Inseam: 32" I normally take a Medium, or 38/48EU. For dress shirts that are meant to be worn rather casually, I usually take a 15x35, or 38 Euro, and don't worry about buttoning the top. Pants range from 30x32 ro 33x32. For a suit or jacket, I'm between a 39 and 40R. I am thin, and prefer slim-cut clothing. Please, PM me if you have anything to sell. I'm interested. I will pay either by Paypal, or with a money order. Your choice.