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Cascadia Boots


The Cascadia region (while typing this update I also learned of the existence of a Cascadia independence movement, good luck with that…) is home to some excellent bootmakers, including White’s, Viberg and Dayton. If you’re looking for a high-end, refined work boot, look no further, and read along as posters drool over similar looking make-ups. 


Eames: Fake or Real


The Eames-designed lounge chair is an iconic design, dotting expensive law and banking offices everywhere. But if you’re trying to pick one up for your home, should you opt for the legitimate article or a well-produced copy? Is there any actual difference?


Black Tie: What’s the Haps?


Most mafoofan started threads devolve into infantile arguments and bitch-fests, but this one has legs: what has happened to black tie (let alone white)? Do you see a resurgence in classic, rule-abiding black tie dress as the internet has helped usher in a new era of men caring about what they wear, and dressing in a dialogue with their past? Or is it still business as dogshit usual?