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Need some help stepping up my Suit game...

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New (ish) to the site and really appreciate the info here.  I was moved towards Allen Edmonds before, from here, and I now LOVE their shoes more than any others and own 5 pairs.  


That being said, I am looking for some advice on suits.  I am a sales manager and find myself at many exclusive events/restaurants/meetings and I need formal but still modern suits.  I have long been a fan of Hugo Boss and they are my favorite suit and dress shirt brand right now, I also wear Ralph Lauren suits.  I am seeing more and more that people think that Boss quality is not up to par with price, so wherein lies my question, can anyone recommend a good comparable American suit company (if not than just comparable)?  I am a bigger athletic build so cannot wear slim fit (which does make it difficult to find the right Boss suits) and I am also a fan of classic timeless brands and styles.  I am a flat front, no break cuffless pants, 2 button jacket type of guy.  I would want to spend under $1000 per suit and regularly would find Boss for under 400-500, thats a good price point for me but the $1000 full retail tag is a good base.  


thanks very much in advance!

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How about Hickey Freeman? Made in the USA, not super slim, plus they have a sale going on right now:
Lots of fully canvassed suits in the sub $1K range. You can also find HF at the usual discounters too, like C21, NMLC, Saks off5th, Rack, etc. Many of those will be half-canvassed and in the $500ish range. The fully canvassed HF jackets usually have basted sleeves.
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Thanks very much Fred! I was actually looking at them. Will it actually say fully or half canvassed or do you have to ask? Thanks again.
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Most of the suits on HFs site will say "fully canvassed" or "full canvas construction" or something like that. If you go to one of the discounters, the pinch test will tell you if it's fully canvassed or not.


For HFs new models, I'm almost positive all the fully canvassed suits have basted sleeves. The half canvas models are pretty good for their price as well (at the discounters). At that price point all the Hugo Boss stuff is just fused.
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