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Seeking advice for a novice

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I'm just starting to get interested in fashion.

I've been collecting fashion inspiration pictures.

I'm seeing outfits that i'd like to have, but i have

no idea where to begin. 


I don't feel comfortable enough with my level of

knowledge to buy random items. I want to buy

clothes with a certain outfit in mind. 


Also, i'd like understand how to define the

style that i'm interested in. Here are some of

the images i've bookmarked on my pinterest



If anyone has any input for me, it

would be much appreciated.


We well


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Take a look at your current wardrobe and see what you arleady have that works with what you want your style to fall into. Your pinterest is pretty monochrome, but some things I think you can easily have already or get for low costs would be black chinos, white tees, sweatshirts of various styles. You may want to start browsing sales to get some of the summer styled items now on the cheap. As we get closer to fall (if you are in the same hemisphere), the sweatshirts/pants/sweaters will go back to regular prices so pick up what you can on the Marketplace.


It looks like the biggest investment will be the various boots and shoes you have pinned. Personally, if I were going with this style, I would pick a pair of the more basic shoes like the new balances or nikes, a pair or two of the black/gray chinos, a couple of white/black/gray tees (maybe from american apparel unless you have $$$), a nice sweater such as the one by Acne, and perhaps a coat if it suits your budget.


My .02$

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