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Covert coats

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Hello to all, I've been lurking for a while, and picked up a lot of great advice, which lead to the purchase of a pair of C&J shoes. Thanks. I am now in search of a tan topcoat. I already have a black full length overcoat. I've tried on a Brooks Brothers double breasted "polo coat", and have decided that single breasted looks best on me. Now I am pining for a covert coat, ala Turkish and Tommy in that movie "Snatch". Is this acceptable to wear over a suit? More importantly, where can I get one in the US? I like the Cordings one, but it is a bit out of my price range. Barbour also makes one, which is less expensive. Are there any US tailors that can make somthing like this for cheaper? Better yet, is there any chance I'll find one on Ebay? I expect to have this coat for many years. -Matt
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A covert coat is very acceptable over a suit. Common in London but I tried ordering one MTM from Martin Greenfield through Brooks Brothers a couple of years ago and struck out. The coat at Cordings is the velvet collared classic, and as high quality as you're likely to find in ready to wear. Grit your teeth and order it, Unless you gain thirty pounds you'll have it for decades. I wouldn't recommend Barbour's version. It's cotton, rather than wool. Will
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What's a covert coat? Can someone post a picture?
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[url=http://www.cordings.co.uk/] Darned if I know how to post an image here but look on Clothing 1 of the Cordings web site.
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Oh, I see. Looks like the coat one of the guys wore in Snatch.
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To me, the coat in that picture looks about 12 inches too short, or more. I think it looks much more elegant either to be at the hip level (like Loro Piana "Horsey" coats) or just below the knees.
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What is the difference between a Covert coat, and a Chesterfield?
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I bought a full-length raglan, button-through olive covert cloth coat (Bergdorf label) on sale there in January '03. Sale price was $400.00 but can't remember the list price. I An Ebay seller (Taylor 2522) was selling this style last winter for about $700, in full-length raglan cut. I recall that he was trying to sell his father's Nehru suit for an amazing price ($25,000?) and that he lived in the Chelsea Hotel in NYC. The coat was made by Martin Greenfield in Brooklyn. The coats did not sell well and someone must still have an inventory. But Taylor's Ebay store is closed. Extremely difficult to find on Ebay-I've looked.
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Everything you ever wanted to know about overcoats (including Chesterfields and coverts).
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What is the difference between a Covert coat, and a Chesterfield?
Covert coat derives its name from its light twill fabric. According to Roetzel (p 195), "can be worn practically the year around" (86 degrees today). The coat is also usually shorter than the chesterfield, is far less dressy, and was originally a riding and hunting coat.
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Loro Piana coat on eb@y Though it isnt quite what I want, do you guys think that this is a better deal than a wool covert coat from Cordings, @$750? How durable is a 50/50 blend? I'd my next overcoat to last for years. Should I shy away from cashmere? Thanks for your help.
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Correct me if I'm wrong, guys, but I think that's the seller who is hawking misdescribed and mislabeled suits and coats. I would steer clear of that guy; buying retail seems like the way to go on a purchase of this kind.
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Before you consider doing business with "Brandmaniac", you should read a recent thread on this forum entitled "this really angers me" (last post on July 28,'04), which is very negative about this particular seller and his products. There was also another thread about "Loropiana" (you might want to search the name) which warned that there is a large quality difference between coats made by the LP company as opposed to low-quality manufacturers just using the LP fabric.
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Thanks for the heads up. I'll continue my search. BTW, everyone should check out that Cigar Aficonado article... fascinating.
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