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Need Help!! Best Suit for $1000 or less!

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So, some background. I am getting married this up coming September and I am shopping for a solid black suit. The suit will not only be used for the wedding but also Holiday parties and other such events.


Over the past month I have been reading about suits in great detail and have learned a lot, but there are some answers I can't find.


Traditionally I am a 42L (US) (6' 2" 220lbs) but there are a lot of discount sites selling upscale designer suits that don't seem to come in S/R/L sizing. How am I to sort what suits will fit me and what ones won't.


I have been looking online and have seen some "great" deals but I am so unsure of sizing so if someone can help me out with that. Will a 52(IT) suit fit me as a 42L(US)??


Also I live in Canada but if need be I am 2 hours from Detroit, Michigan or Buffalo/Upstate, New York so I can travel to either of those places for suits.


I plan on having any suit I purchase tailored to fit me perfectly after purchase as well. PLEASE HELP!

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I suggest Suitsupply, as that is a quick option that is in your budget and  I would also, suggest that you go with another colour then black. Some people say that black is too formal for anything but weddings and funerals, others say it is a colour of morning and only for funerals. It also, doesn't suit as many complexions as a charcoal or a navy. Unless your holiday parties are black tie optional, and you don't want to buy a tux, I don't see black as the best option.


As far as fit, every brand's 42L is different. So you really need to try it on. Suitsupply has a store in Toronto and 2 in NYC. I would suggest visiting one. Go with wool.

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Are you making a habit of attending funerals or taking the cloth? If not, forget black

The take yourself to some bricks and mortar shops and find what fits best to minimise alterations. Don't get hung up about labels or makes, get something that fits, at that price you should be well clear of the rubbish in the market place.
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If you are in or close to Toronto, visit Harry Rosen, Holt Renfrew or other shops that carry the brands you are looking at online. Try them on and see which ones actually fit you.
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This is a good read


Where to Look for a Suit (Part One)

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