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The greatest Formula One driver of all time.

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Mine is the one and only: Ayrton Senna.

I know, M Schumacher has surpassed every single record, now don't get me wrong, I respect and am a fan of M Schumacher... But, there is something about the driving of Ayrton Senna that he went beyond the limits of the car at such speed....

Of course, this is open to debate.

I am sure if Ayrton didn't die at Imola on May 1, 1994, he would have likely won the title with Williams that season, and likely in 1995, 1996 and 1997.

I found a odd thing about Schumacher, if he had ALL the luck for him, he could have been an 11 time World Champion. That's right, 11.
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As far as the total skills that makes a driver win, that is, ability to motivate a team, ability to develop a car, knowing how to win at a slow pace to ensure reliability, etc....gotta give it to Schumi. But as far as sheer speed goes, and the ability to will a car to go as fast as it possibly can, that is Senna. Plus, he had a visible intensity and charisma that MS was not blessed with. I was mad when they changed the qualifying format to cheapen the prestige of pole position. His percentage of pole positions to races started was perhaps the true measure of his sheer pace.
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Clark, Stewart, Lauda, Senna, Schumacher, Prost are all of the same caliber. Impossible to say who was the best.
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not the greatest, but my favorite, "little pedro with a heavy foot". in the '60s, he was the best driver in the world on a wet track.
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Overall, I think Shumi was the best. He`s the complete package, being quick as a driver and able to put a team/car together behind him that wins races.
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If I was a team owner with hindsight, I would pick MScu. But as a fan, Senna. Is Kimi the next Mika[*] ? [*] hugo boss model.
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How about Dick Seaman?
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Originally Posted by RJman View Post
How about Dick Seaman?

Seaman was definitely one of the best in his era. His family-funded performances in 1936 won him an audition in the spring of 1937 for the great Alfred Neubauer at Mercedes Benz. Seaman finally signed for the 1938 season as a member of the much vaunted Silver Arrows team. He returned for the 1939 season. However, it was a brief return. He won the German GP. Certainly, that victory was his career zenith. Then (while leading the race) a nasty crash at Spa's La Source sent his Mercedes into a tree. Immediately, the car burst into flames. Seaman died from his burns at a local hospital later that same day.

The central panel of the triptych below him practicing at Monza in 1939. The right-hand panel image is from the 1938 Swiss GP.

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I just like saying the name.
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My two favorites are Rindt and Moss. I think it's odd nobody's mentioned the obvious three: Fangio, Ascari, Nuvolari.
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And now, excuse me while I interrupt myself.

Looks lie Murray Walker, voice and wit of F1 finally retired for real this weekend.
What a character !

I should imagine that the conditions in the cockpit are totally unimaginable.

I've no idea what Eddie Irvine's orders are, but he's following them superlatively well.

IF is a very long word in Formula One; in fact, IF is F1 spelled backwards.
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I've got to add Gilles Villeneuve.

It's almost impossible to compare different eras. Certainly, the early drivers were subject to some pretty brutal driving conditions.

I also don't like the modern semi-auto gearboxes and narrow tires of the modern era. Sadly for me, F1 has lost it's romance and appeal.
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Juan Manuel Fangio

The Greatest driver of all time, period.

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I made a thread with the following link before but I'll post it again cause I think its great.

Sir Jack Brabham vs Juan Manuel Fangio (second to last photo, should have similar title)

Follow the link and enjoy
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Alain Prost. Or maybe Nikki Lauda.
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