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complete makeover

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This last year I've been really dedicated to self improvement. I've been trying to work on my weakness, learn new skills, and look a lot less shlumpy. I've found some great shops to buy clothes from and my wardrobe is drastically improving. Now the problem is that though my new style looks great and gets plenty of compliments, i was wondering what hair and skin products I could be using to look better? I'm not talking about plastic surgeory, because im not that unnatractive, but ive seen makeovers where the person goes from like a 4 to a 9 and i was wondering how a guys could do similar.

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If that's you in your avatar you might want to consider a face transplant.
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A reply that at least isn't insulting:
Consult a professional, such as an image consultant. For mostly hair and skin, a local professional might be better. It depends on, for example, who is there.
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