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Big Baller Deals


Imagine two scenarios. In scenario one, a well-paid banking executive goes to Bergdorf Goodman’s and commissions a made-to-measure Kiton suit for an obviously outrageous sum of money. In scenario two, a well-paid banking executive wanders into a 5th Ave. Goodwill and purchases said suit two years later for $49.99, after tax. Who wins?


Napoli + Cool = ?


Eidos Napoli is an Isaia offshoot, helmed by a StyleForum member, that exemplifies that loose and easy Neapolitan vibe that makes blogs oh so entertaining and popular. From unlined jackets to slim-fitting, high-water pants, the line has it all at a surprisingly affordable price for exemplary construction. 


House Blues


This thread is all about owning a home. Apparently there’s two sides to every coin. On one hand, you have the handyman and tool-savvy poster who enjoys redoing his beautiful custom crown molding by hand in his rescued and reclaimed 19th century farmhouse. And then you have the tool illiterate bitching about his gravel driveway. Which are you?