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Need more, and need Ann...

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Nutty Uncle Peanut Butter Stout and another Vache Folle Milk Stout.
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Took delivery of some new beers recently.  Sorry that the photos are so poor that it's hard to make out what some of them are.


Had been sitting on this one for a couple of years and opened it up a few nights ago.  Still fantastic.


These Sticky Hands are of the Tropical Slam variety.  It's very nice, although they've just now released the original version again.


A couple of bonuses in the recent order.  Can't say either left a huge impression


Fortunately this did.

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Hop Zealot IPA, Twisted Pine Brewing Co. (Boulder, CO)

I didn't notice the other side of the glass... This stuff is seriously tasty...

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Hanssens 2007 - too acidic, and not much else going on...

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This is good. Not as good as their Pseudo Sue pale ale though.
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Imperial chocolate oatmeal stout
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Originally Posted by hc4thehc View Post

Crazy gusher... Filled one glass with head, still foaming out of the bottle, filled second glass with head...



No gusher for me, but plenty of foam. My first Dolle Brouwers beer. Looking forward to trying more.
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Back to Hennepin this weekend. Enjoying a classic.
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Originally Posted by archibaldleach View Post

Back to Hennepin this weekend. Enjoying a classic.

I love that beer.  Also, my favorite glass is a Hennepin one I've had forever and appears in some photos below.  


A place near me recently started bottling its beers.  This one was kind of disappointing; probably as fresh as any beer I've ever had, but just too heavy on the malt:


I thought I'd like this one a lot more than I did, probably because I was expecting more of an IPA body but had failed to notice that it was simply denominated as a pale.  Really nice hop flavor up front, then a bit thin, but still enjoyable.


This one was just weird, which is about what I figured, although I had no real idea of what it'd be like going in.  Essentially tastes like Fantome with some coffee on the nose and at the front of the taste.  I wouldn't buy it again.


This was really good.  Grapefruit taste and somewhat slightly sour.  A really nice beer, but I think I've said that about everything these guys do.

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while watching the Virginia - Butler game at a local bar:

Jack's Abby Sour Time (decent enough, a bit sour and fairly bretty)
He'Brew Funky Jewbelation 2014 (not bad for a few sips but cloying; pretty sure this is what gave me a headache for the rest of the evening)
Jack's Abby Hoponius Union (really quite good)
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I think I liked last year's version better, but still nice.
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Tank 7 today because the bar doesn't have Hennepin. Definitely prefer Hennepin.
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Liquid confidence was the shit. I need barrels of that. My local bar got a ton of to ol in which I'm very happy with
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