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Visiting family in Massachusetts, so took a trip to Jack's Abby's Beer Hall and Kitchen last weekend. For those that don't know, Jack's Abbey is a Framingham, MA based brewery that specializes in craft lagers (as opposed to ales). A pretty reliable local option that seldom blows one's mind but also doesn't put out many duds (their Rye IPL named Sibling Ryevalry being an exception IMO). They have about 20 of their beers on tap and a selection of bar food (the food is decent but I don't particularly recommend going there for the food), as well as a small store where you can buy things to take home (whether they have a larger store at the brewery itself, which is right by the beer hall, I don't know). They do have growlers so you could take home a larger amount of some of the beer you tried on tap, but we just took home a few bottles (including two sours they had at the store but not on tap). I'd tried a few of their beers before, so focused more on things I was less familiar with. I didn't have anything that I wouldn't drink again, but find that as I try more beers, there are fewer things I would be excited to see on a beer list. My would drink again list is probably the bottom third of what I tried, the would happily drink again is most of the rest that doesn't include the mind blown category.

The Would Drink Again

The Big Red Mitch
Lashes Hopbock Lager
Hibiscus Blood Orange Leisure Time
Coffee Baby Hammer
Session Black IPL
Fire in the Ham

Not too much to note here. The one thing I'd point out is that while I am not a fan of rauchbiers, I thought they did a good job with Fire in the Ham, which is their version of a rauchbier. This is included in this category instead of the next one simply because I don't enjoy the style enough to make even a good rauchbier a regular indulgence.

The Would Happily Drink Again

Ninth Blend (American Wild)
PB&J Barrel Aged Framinghammer (Barrel Aged Baltic Porter)
The Italiano Barrel Aged Framinghammer (Barrel Aged Baltic Porter)
Baby Maker (American Barleywine)
Cranberry Sour (American Wild)
Sour Time Lager (Berliner Weissbier)
Excess IPL
Framinghammer Baltic Porter

PB&J and Italiano were both very interesting. You definitely got a strong hint of jam flavor in the PB&J, which made it a bit sweet. I don't mind sweet, but I'm definitely glad I had a 4 ounce flight glass instead of a full serving. In the Italiano, you definitely taste the presence of a strong anise flavor. Interesting to see how it was pulled off, but again, more a beer to sample than drink a large glass of. The Baby Maker was a solid American style barleywine. Not sure what else to say about it. The Cranberry Sour was the best of the three beers with sour flavors, which included the Ninth Blend and Sour Time. I've warmed up to sour flavors in beer a bit lately, so I enjoyed them all, but again, the Cranberry Sour was the clear standout. Nice hint of cranberry broke through, as one might expect from the name, but it didn't overpower it. The Excess IPL and Framinghammer were both very solid versions of their styles. I've had better versions of both and neither would be my one example of the style to store in a beer fridge on a dessert island, but I'd happily order either in a bar.

The Mind Blown

Mole Barrel Aged Framinghammer (Barrel Aged Baltic Porter)

I enjoyed a lot of the beers at Jack's Abby to varying degrees, but even if I had thought everything was mediocre until this point, this one would have made the entire trip and tasting worth it. Just the right hints of a mole sauce flavor (not spicy though) that are nicely soaked up by a strong body with high alcohol content. I need to track this down and try it again. Just truly an incredible beer. I'd probably only get one per sitting as it's pretty damn strong, but I could definitely finish a full pour of this, unlike the other barrel aged Framinghammers.
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Agree on the Mole Framinghammer! If you have the time, try Armsby Abbey 30 minutes west for Hill Farmstead on tap and a generally great tap list
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Always good...

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Nice weird Belgian triple from Amsterdam

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Local beer... Still love this stuff.

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It has been stout whether of late.

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How's that George vs Brian?.. Reg George's a bit too dry for me...
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Originally Posted by hc4thehc View Post

How's that George vs Brian?.. Reg George's a bit too dry for me...



So much better than George which in turn is better than Brian (both BBA) but the two together are so rounded and smooth.


Top 5 beer for me.

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I wanna thank the universe and evolution in particular for this beer. Thanks, sky. Skanks.

(15% and 37.5cls - so I'm a bit buzzed. Just watch )

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First sun on the balcony - first geuze!.. 3F 2013.

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Today: Hill Farmstead Dorothy & Susan at a local bar.
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No pictures, but Green Flash Le Freak has been my one-bottle-a-day go-to beer as of late.
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Stew with hempfu w/ roasted sesameseeds, beans, rice and fresh veggies = prepped. Time for a great 4.6% beer.

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^ Nice hc4!
I've got the pork tenderloin and potatoes au gratin in the oven, myself. Just grabbed a grimlin of the new Coronado Brewing Co x Bear Republic "MerBear" Rye IPA. It's got a slightly sweet malt finish, which is going well with this BoliPC and CR Northern Harvest Rye.
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Some from the weekend.


One of the few grocery store beers from here that I'd post.  It was somewhat interesting, but not really sure if I liked it.


This one was ok.  Kinda dry, kinda sour, pretty easy to drink . . . but didn't really leave much of an impression.


Saturday then became a bit of a night as I finally opened some of my Allagash small-bottle stash.  This one was really good, and an appropriate follow-up to the beer immediately above, as it was reminiscent of Boulevard's Saison Brett, but drier and more interesting, with some oak and a bit of funkiness.  Glad I've got another one.


Another winner here.  Surprisingly sour -- you definitely get an interesting mix of fruit, sour and oak, with a bit of sweetness and some odd notes too -- my friend suggested cellophane, but I just got general funk.  Also surprisingly sour and, despite the fact that it's already at least three years old, the other bottle is probably going to sit for some time.


Speaking of, this one probably could've used more time, or maybe that's just because I'm not a fan of the style.  Also, I'd never had anything from this brewery before, largely because I'm put off by its general sophomoric-at-best vibe.  Not sure what, if anything, the bourbon barrel did for this.  All in all this didn't particularly impress me.


Finally, having this one tonight.  I've probably had it before.  It's hoppy, sweet, and strong, what you generally get from Lagunitas.

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