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Thanks, @cocostella.  I'm tempted to stay in the Del Mar area just because it'd be the easiest to do, and for a long weekend I'm not looking to expend much effort.  At the same time I'd love to hit Societe, Modern Times, maybe the big Stone and a bunch of others.  I'll have to consult with my wife and see what she's up for.  I expect that she's leaning towards the low-key option, however.

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Understood. Societe is well worth a visit. Excellent beers. As I mentioned above, their Bachelor Mandarina blew my mind. Not a fan of Modern Times, personally. Their beer is good, but to me they're a marketing first, beer second operation and there are just too many other worthy options to choose from. You'll enjoy yourselves regardless of where you stay, I'm sure!
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Rauchbier is like liquid gouda, definitely an acquired taste and one I think I'll only be pairing with food in the future. Too much on its own.


The scotch ale was on fucking point. Maybe the third one had in the past month. Apparently a lot of Connecticut breweries are making these.


I don't think I posted a photo of it but I had the Silly Sour recently and was a big fan (it's a sour saison blend from what I gathered). I enjoy when there's more dimension to sours than just lacto.

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This was overpriced and nothing special
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Random beers today, with friends...

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Good stuff!..

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Finally found a handful of these at Whole Foods:

Next night, saw more at Ralphs (?).

(For those east of the Mississippi, Ralphs is essentially a Kroger)
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Heading to Whole Foods and Ralph's on my way home! Lol
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Picked up an abyss...I've been waiting like 6 years for one of these but never thought it was worth trading for.
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The ballast point spices were really concentrated, not something I could finish a 650 of without splitting it.. To anyone that has had coconut curry almonds from your co-op, it was a lot like that.
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Has anyone tried the Pineapple Sculpin from Ballast Point?
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Preppin pizza... Sippin Orval... Using an empty beer bottle as a dough role...

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