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Originally Posted by Steven Cash View Post

It is the 3 Floyds one I was talking about - I hadn't realized the first batch was just Mikkeller.
Are you sure? AFAIK it has always been a collab brew and I assumed that they only made one batch, which would be like two years old by now.
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Originally Posted by b1os View Post

Are you sure? AFAIK it has always been a collab brew and I assumed that they only made one batch, which would be like two years old by now.


Ah. Misunderstood your previous post - sorry. Re-reading your post I see what you mean now. :embar:


Thanks for the clarification.

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Hazed Hoppy Session Ale (Boulder Beer). This my favorite beer from the second closest brewery...

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Another kind-of mass write up:  


Broke into some more of the beers from Florida.  Probably not as fresh as I'd hope, but still not bad:



Another one from the Advent boxes which, somewhat appropriately, I had today while belatedly taking down the tree, ornaments, and outside decorations.  While a kolsch isn't what I'd normally grab, this was actually a really refreshing "work" beer.  Great for the style and time.  I haven't opened the Progenitor yet.



More from the Advent stash.  I wish this did more for me, being barrel aged (Knob Creek) and all that.  It seemed pretty well balanced for what it was, but was still a bit on the sweet and nondescript side.  Nice, but nothing fantastic, and the write-up seems right on. 



And again from the Advent calendar.  These two were actually from almost a week ago.  I'm pretty close to the average, so I'm a bit wary of pumpkin beers.  These were the surprising exceptions where it was well done.  A bit on the nose, and some interesting flavors.



Knowing the way to my heart, my wife brought back some beers from a recent work trip.  These two were included.  I'd never had anything from this brewery before -- in fact, I didn't even know it existed before this -- and, after having these two, I wasn't particularly surprised by any of that.  Both were fine, but nothing special.  The Lizard's Mouth label talks a good game about tropical flavors and all that, but the taste doesn't really back it up.  While all that makes me sound like a complete ingrate, I really was happy to try something new.



I opened this one with more than a little trepidation.  It was the last of my older Cascades, and I was afraid that this had gone the way of my Bourbonics and old Sang Royals.  Fortunately nothing of the sort had happened here.  While it had a bit of sweetness, the sour was still there too, and this was a really nice, well balanced beer to break out with some friends.  Phew.

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Let me know how the Progenitor is... Have one here for next summer...
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So pissed off... Not even a year old, always cellared, and it's infected/ bad/ sour... First bottle I had was brilliant... So buying more is not an option as I won't be sure whether it'll be good if I open it...


Ah well... Port barrel aged Tsjeeses it is... Bit dull but warms you up...

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I'd contact the place where you bought it. Or De Molen directly.
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That's not how it works. It was fresh on the shelves when I bought it at Deconinck, and it was cellared... So it got infected at an earlier stage... Not the breweries' fault per se, but it happens too often with this particular brewery, although I love De Molen beers... But being a punisher and trying to get financial compensation for one infected bottle isn't me... It's still craft beer... Quality variation, bad batches, infected bottles; part of the game. First world problems.

Just pissed off cause I was in the mood for this particular beer... smile.gif
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Ah, okay. smile.gif
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Man, lots of nice beers going down here, per usual. Have mixed emotions about continuing to support BP, after the buy-out. I'm not sure what I'll ultimately decide. However, for now, this is still top tier IMHO:
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Victory at Sea is aways solid.
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why wouldn't you support BP after the buyout? does the beer taste any different?
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man, that beer is so infected the entire bottle is leaning to one side
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Honestly don't care about a buyout. Just care about good beer

This was infected. Started gushing the moment I opened it and is a little sour. I kinda like it infected except for the odd metallic taste
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It's not some anti-capitalist sentiment. Also not like they weren't already a fairly large corporate entity. It's just a weird feeling somehow. I dunno, there're SO many great beers out there. It's more fun when things are a bit more unique, undiscovered, harder to come by, blah blah blah. GF Sculpin is one of my favs of all time, so I don't expect to abandon ship altogether.
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