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Originally Posted by Pilot View Post

Do you guys pay out the ass for shipping over in Euroland when you buy beer online?

I always go splitsies with mates... Last haul (33 kgs) cost 12 € to ship.

This afternoon, whilst watching the Belgian Championship cyclo-cross at my brother's... Great 4.6% beer!..

Yesterday, I shared a bottle of Gouden Carolus Cuvée van de Keizer Rood 2012 with my dad... Seriously mindblowing evo... One of the best blond beers I've ever had...

Today, again at my parent's, I opened a bottle of Fantôme de Noel 2015. Stellar. Had a couple of fresh Fantômes recently, and this one blew 'm all away... Brilliant 10%, dark saison...

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Dang. Shipping is so cheap
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All of a sudden all these Chicago people are crawling out from under rocks and fallen tree stumps. Fulton Tap Room doesn't always have BCS on draft that's a fact, Chicago saw another large shipment of BCS recently because it was supposed to head to Georgia, but since certain laws prevent the sale of beers over the ABV of 13%, it all came back and got redistributed back to our market. Beer is lame drink more rum and wine, good day...
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Oh, everytime I've been there it's been on tap.
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I had no choice.

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Wow, yeah, there is no way the Fulton Tap Room would always have it on tap. You've just been lucky.
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I guess. I've been there 20+ times and it's always been on tap.
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Originally Posted by hc4thehc View Post

I did a count and clocked in at 586... No buying beer in february for me... shog[1].gif


Damn.  I really need more / better storage space.  I'm not even at 20% of that and feel like I'm bursting at the seams.

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Man that is really cheap for shipping. Forgot the exact amount, but in the past when I've checked online it was $30-50 to ship a 6 pack of bombers. Which if you're doing a big shipment, you're going to spend just as much on shipping as you will on beer.
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New beer tasting glass:


(Not my pic.)

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So much better than Molotov Cocktail which whilst nicely hoppy was syrupy sweet - this is just hops without the excessive maltiness. I reckon the IBU was quite high on this one.



Finally managed to track this down. So smooth and complex with the chilli heat giving an extra dimension.


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More Orval (while I can get it), an Austrian – pretty expensive – trappist, a Dutch Belgian triple-ish and quadruple-ish, a Scottish IPA, and the first 'special beer' I ever had, >30 years ago (back then from tap in a bolleke).
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Bad beer day... Nogne O Special Holiday collab: has sage => drainpour...

Beer Here Morke Pumpernickel Porter... Well: it's a porter... Too one-dimensional for me...

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