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Tough call
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Originally Posted by indesertum View Post

I really like this glass. Really really like

So do I. smile.gif They're from the German glass manufacturer Rastal (who also make the Teku glass).



With the Teku:


I bought them at this brew pub in The Netherlands:

And an amusing video (I think) that was shot at the same brew pub, with behind the bar the two brewers of the Oersoep microbrewery:

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Good to know it's global... If you brew, or even work at a brew-pub, you must have the CRAFTBEARD.

@indesertum - Yes, to the owner/manager... tactfully. They want their beer to taste good, no?
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If they don't care tho?

Efficient market hypothesis? If they cared in the first place it wouldn't be dirty? Or do you think they would still appreciate

Friends looked at me weird when I said the beer (an IPA) was buttery (tons of diacetyl especially when it warmed up a little) and you could tell the previous beer was some kind of watermelon flavored beer.

Craft beer made here is mediocre at best tho. Had a ton of mediocre versions of hyped American beers. Mediocre gose, mediocre rendition of the that Cali style malt heavy bitter heavy IPA (eg palate wrecker). Found out a pub had two hearted and went cuz I was excited but they're selling a bottle for $16. They had a whole pallet of it too. been sitting for a month at least just at the store.

Paid $15 for half bottle of boon kriek instead. I totally forgot I only like their gueuze, mariage parfait, and a l'ancienne. Too sweet. Zero sour and at 4% it just tastes like juice.

There's a bottle of cantillon gilloise here but for $60....

I do feel like my palate has gotten helluva lot sharper than before but still needs a lot of work.
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Order cans or bottles. This is what I do at a certain cool San Diego bar, which my friends all dig, but has dirty lines, which makes their solid beer list taste shite.
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Somehow cans and bottles are cheaper here. The margins on draft must be crazy profitable here
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Another Dutch beer, from Jopen brewery:


The name of the beer (Doubting Thomas) and divine refers to their brewery in a former church:


American refers to the hops (Cascade ao). Full but not heavy beer (10% though); a bit too sweat for my (current) taste. Nice beer, nonetheless.
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That's a cool looking spot!..
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(Pic of the brewery is not mine, btw. Forgot to mention that.)
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Such a cool place to visit on a snowy day (pic from yesterday's pub crawl).

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grabbed a couple bottles of 2015 bcbs and one barleywine today. anyone try them yet?
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Originally Posted by thewho13 View Post

Anyone wind up with some BCBS or variants today? I'm especially curious what sort of prices people saw in the store.

$11.99 each in MD
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First Sunday of advent so the Christmas beers are out of hiding.




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Originally Posted by JohnGalt View Post

$11.99 each in MD

Cheap as chips innit!..

Meanwhile in Belgium...

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