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Truly remark-able beer. New bottle opener me brother brought from the French Riviera...

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Congrats on the new place @hc4thehc! can't wait to see a shot of the cellar with all your beer in it. (I have a sizable contribution to it headed your way soon)

Zwanze was awesome. @ocooney and I had pours of Rose de Grambinus, Fou Foune, Vigneronne, Cuvee St Gillioise and the Zwanze. We also split a bottle of Allagash's Cuvee D'Intrustial (suprisingly sweet although that may be in comparison to all the Cantillon we drank) The Fou was amazing. First time I've ever had it super fresh and it blew my mind. So fruity. Looking forward to doing it again next year - although I heard rumblings that next year will be ticketed. So hopefully we can get tickets! We did a little bit of beer hunting afterwards and I found some cool things. I also went to Tree House that day so I've mostly been drinking their beer since.

The mosaic version of this beer is better than the others I had. I wouldn't say this beer is mind blowing but it's good. Sessionable but also no-nonsense. Kind of beer you can share or drink a large amount of easily and it goes well with food.

After the last two I've had from these guys (lemongrass issues) it was nice to have something that reminded me why I liked them.

I thought I was going to hold onto this one for a special occasion but then I opened it. Pretty randomly too, I think it was a Tuesday night. Anyways, glad I did because it was amazing. So fruity and nice tart funky balance to it. Can't wait until they release more.

Prairie got distro in Massachusetts! (Again, I guess) Either way I'm excited. Not sure to what extent we will get bottles (crossing my fingers for some Bomb!). Either way I like their staples and I'm happy to have access to them. This one was good although compared to Progenitor not remarkable. Reminded me a lot of Orval.

Always love this beer. I think I've talked about it atleast 4 times on this thread. Either way it still impresses me when I drink one. The novelty hasn't worn off.

Finally getting cold here, which means I can drink some stouts! New variation with Coffee from a local roaster. Really good, maybe a bit too roasty for me. I picked up on a cinnamon note which was nice.

When I went to Tree House I was picking some stuff up for a trade. I grabbed this one to send and I grabbed two growlers of Haze - one to send and one for me to keep. Accidentally sent the guy two Haze growlers and kept the Julius. Oh well! I don't know if this batch was better or if I haven't had a lot of other hoppy stuff lately (could be the case) but I liked it more this time. Definitely critus-ier than the last time I had it.

Double Dose and Farm to Face is dropping around me right now. So it's prime beer hunting season. I'm also going to Portland this weekend which of course I won't be leaving empty handed. Anyways, what I'm trying to say is I'll have more stuff to share with you guys soon.
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Christ, I'm thirsty now!!!
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Wow, some incredible beers that I would love to try!

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Running outta natty light...

* Dutchsky BA Zombier: needs a lot of time to mellow out. Not good rn.
* Bourbon BA Goliat: original version is better.
* Mikkeller Bad Worse: so freakin good...



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This box showed up on Thursday. Excited to finally try some Side Project.

And I picked these ones up locally on Thursday as well. Glad I could add a couple more Farm to Faces to my collection. Pretty cool to see Everweisse hit distro. @hc4thehc any interest in Breakfast Exorcism? I can get more.

Went to Portland this weekend and picked up these beauties. Got the timing just right to pick up some blended Oxbowterfest bottles.

Back home on Sunday and I opened one of these. First time having it and it's pretty dang good. Probably the best DIPA I've had out of ME - (although I still haven't had dinner). Really nice juicy citrus balanced with piney bitterness.

Then I had my first taste of this years batch of DD. Certainly a good beer but my palate has changed since I first had it. Didn't blow my mind like it did the first time I had it. A lot of (annoying) people on BA are saying it's because this years batch "Isn't good as the last". That argument frustrates me because one - you can't drink them side by side and two: Palates change. Especially with the almost radical shift in IPA styles we've seen here in the Northeast. Anyways, it's still a good beer and I'm glad to have a 4 pack of it to myself.

Also opened this on Sunday, from my last Portland trip. Very similar to an Oud Bruin. Fruity with a light touch of acidity. Very nice!

I drank this on Monday - the guy who sent it to me told me to drink it ASAP because it's going to be too acidic if it sits. The last time I had one of the Upland "Lambics" (Strawberry) it was indeed waaaaayyy too sour and actually made me sick to my stomach - and it was a year old. So I trusted him and opened it and it was pretty sour but there was enough peach there to make it worth while. The finish was all peach skins. Not sure I'd trade for it again but if I could get it easily I'd drink it again.
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Marriage material.

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My fall break starts today (after a fairly lousy day of teaching). Thought I'd try a beer that's new to me.

Maybe I should've just stuck with something I know. I'm not sure I love this. And I had no idea I was buying an Easter beer in November.
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Yeah in November you should drink their Stille Nacht, not their Bokeun smile.gif
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Looking forward to trying Boskeun next  Easter - managed to eventually source a few bottles this summer.


That bottle looks to be a nice vintage example with the export stout style label on the neck rather than the bow tie on my bottles?


Was very impressed with Majgoop the other day.


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You probably got a notification on Facebook or via email, @hc4thehc, but in case you didn't: Bomb! is now in stock at Beergium.
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I did, but thank you so much!.. Ordering three for starters smile.gif

Oh, and finally got my storage racks up... Awaiting another 200 bottles currently at my mate's cellar...

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Edge is pretty mediocre in general. I have no idea why they keep getting awards in Europe. The brewer is a pretty nice guy though, and he built half the breweries in Europe and a bunch in the US.
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SVARTEKUNST... Cheap, €uropean, weird, flat, intruiging, bit one dimensional, but I freakin loved it...

Btw, FEDIRESP stands for: " Foreign Extra Double Imperial Russian Export Stout Porter. "

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