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Oh you know I will... nod[1].gif

Keeps on getting better... Can't wait to try some cellared ones...

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Went to Old Town Pour House. They had Grapefruit Sculpin on draft. Not my favorite, but I tend to order it when I see it since it's pretty good and I like variety when I can get it.
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Victory At Sea (Ballast Point). Very good. It's very bitter. Would probably be even greater if it was less bitter. Nice coffee/vanilla notes.

I like this one a lot. Bought a bunch to drink with the parents who didn't care for it. Oh well; means 3 bottles are waiting for me on my next visit.
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Both from my last night in Spain. The first is 2013 Owa Yuzu Lambic. It was pretty good, really strong on the yuzu rind flavor, it was almost bitter from it. I didn't pay for it, but there's no way it was worth the €80 it says selling for. The second picture was two glasses of 2009 De Cam Kriek Lambeik from the same bottle. Great beer. I also had a Hanssens Oudbeitje, which was nothing special, a Boon Vat 77 which is one of my favorite lambics period, Cantillon Iris and a bunch of local beer. Not a bad last night.
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@Ken P - you know which two bottles are yours, right...

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Hell yes! Good grab smile.gif
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To Ol... You fucking beauty of a brewery you... This is making me smile... Advertised as a quad, it's more of a mix of a crazy strong dipa and a sweeter (€uro) barleywine... Fucking LOVE it... Extremely drinkable but 11.3%...

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Too boozy...

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The beer is as brilliant as the can...

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Alemania Session IPA and IPA were ok. The Gose was good, but reminded me more of a farmhouse ale than the "classic" Goses I know. Brewbaker IPA tastes too green. The Brewbaker DIPA tastes very much like some sort of traditional beer I've had a while ago. Emmerbier (even though this one only lists barley and wheat matls)? Just a bit stronger and more bitter. Not bad but totally not what I expected.
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I hate beer in cans. Not so much because I hate the cans (which I kinda do), but because I have been drinking more beer lately, and all the hipsterish places that have an "all-can beer program" never ask if I want a glass or provide one. They just give me the damn can. I would like a glass, preferably the right glass, and I would like to see my beer, thank you very much. But no, the hipsters all want to show aoff how cool they are drinking from their cans, and aren't as concerned with the actual beer. Pfui.


~ H

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I drank it from a tumbler, just to make it clear shog[1].gif

PS: popped the cork, gorgeous whiff of cherries... Solid beer...

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Mini haul from A brewery exclusive release from Allagash

Sal is a sour red aged on 2lbs of blueberries / gallon. 2 barrels made total

Invisible Orange is a Belgian porter, wild fermented and blended with blood orange juice. Had the Sal last night, very strange. Excited for the Orange
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Had my first Westmalle Tripel --- I'm in love.


Enjoying Westbrook's Mexican Cake.  Beautiful stout, and the notes of cinnamon, habanero, and cocoa nibs all shine through (for me, the vanilla maybe not too much).  Very easy drinking too.  Just wonder why release a beer like this in May instead of late Fall/Winter…  

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Been very impressed with El Segundo Brewing each time I've gone.

They have 3 different DIPAs, and they're quite interesting drinking them side by side. Hop Tanker is all hops with light body, but strangely 9.2%. Their 25 Left DIPA has plenty of malts and sweetness at 8.2%. The Hammerland IPA is a combo of the two, and the advertise the freshness as fermenter to glass in 12 hours. Hard to beat 16oz of DIPA for $6 as well. Haven't gone much past their DIPAs yet, but certainly plan on exploring more of their options in the future.
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