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Focused on saisons...

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Anyone else going to DarkLord day at 3 Floyds
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Whilst at it, I bought a new cabinet for my stockroom.

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That's great! I really envy all you who have actual cellar space. My beer is currently in a closet in my apartment, divied up between mini-fridge (important stuff I don't want to risk) and boxes. Going to try to find one of these for the summer because its definitely going to be too hot.
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Had these two yesterday:

More acidic. Less salty (maybe it just seems less salty due to the acidity). More refreshing. (than the Goslaer Gose) Very nice.

Good. Probably better than the regular Uerige Alt.

Right now:

Very nice, fantastic qpr. Happy German Beer Day, everybody! cheers.gif
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Thanks again to all of you who provided me with the Portland pro tips. Much appreciated.

My haul from the week:

FW - Sucaba (x2), Rustic - West Ashley, Russian River - Consecration (x5), 1776 Rye Barrel Aged Brown Ale, Almanac - Farmers Reserve Blueberry, Almanac - Farmers Reserve Strawberry, The Commons - Boysen (Boysenberry Farmhouse Ale w/ Brett), De Garde - Petit Desay (x2), De Garde - Tableau Rouge (x2), De Garde - Bu Weisse (x2), Logsdon - Seizen Bretta (x2), Logsdon - Oak Aged Bretta, Logsdon - Cerasus, Logsdon - Far West Vlaming (x2), Jester King - Sin Frontera (Collab w/ Crooked Stave), Crooked Stave - Sin Frontera (Collab w/ Jester King) (x2), Crooked Stave - Nightmare on Brett (x2), Crooked Stave - Origins, Crooked Stave - Surette, Trinity - Magical Brett Tour #1, Trinity - Koelorado

Some notable in-house brews:

BCBCS on draft at Katie O'Briens:

Lost Abbey - Framboise de Ambrosia at the Cascade event:

Hop and Vine Sour Brunch featuring The Rare Barrel, Almanac, and Rustic:

Had this one from the case afterwards:

They did the release of this collab the night before and still had everything on tap, so I got to try both versions plus a cask conditioned one:

Almanac Farmers Reserve Strawberry at a little place off Alberta:

Others included Alesmith BBL Wee Heavy, Trinity Wild Apple Saison, Trinity Magical Brett Tour #1, Trinity Nelson-hopped Saison/Golden, Lost Abbey Cuvee de Tomme, Block 15 - Peche

Also had additional beers from Fat Heads, Breakside, Cascade, and others.

Portland is so awesome.
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I'm fighting a cold with gallons of Cantillon Iris on tap. The acid and alcohol will kill any bacteria or viruses, right? Right?

Edit: Also, I need the JK and CS versions of Sin Frontera. I'm really hoping I can find some of the European version in Spain, I'd love to compare the three. Let me know how it is.
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Great haul, Platypus!

Just had a Jai Alai IPA. Really good. Meanwhile, a Weihenstephan Korbinian was chilling in the freezer. I'm drinking it now. I think it's the first time I've had it. I really like it. The only downside is that it's a tad too sweet. Very malty (but not overwhelming, not too much liquorice, mostly roasted caramel flavours). Nice mouthfeel, "dark fruits", and overall almost refreshing. Superb QPR. BBF 01-14-2016. If it were a bit less sweet, it would be perfect.
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That's a serious haul. Very jealous of the West Ashley.
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Crooked Stave Progenitor Noir (Dark sour ale, dry hopped) --- Dry hopping totally lost on me.  Not a lot of body, lots of Brett, fairly two-dimensional.  Pleasant but disappointing at its price point.


Ommegang Abbey Ale --- Had plenty of Ommegang but missed this one.  Holy shit.  What a beautiful beer.  Rich, complex, malty but balanced, delicious.

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If anyone has access to the new Jester King Sazerac inspired beer being release this weekend, let me know. I will definitely hook you up!
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