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Appreciate the write up tho
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Originally Posted by indesertum View Post

Appreciate the write up tho


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Just had another bottle of Amber Lager. Very metallic-tasting. There are some beers where I don't particularly dislike it (though, if you were to ask me, I couldn't tell you which). Not the case with this beer.

Speaking of which, what's the cause of the metallic taste?
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i notice a lot of metallic taste in lagers and goses in particular. i'm wondering if it has to do with yeast. it's ok in small amounts but i feel like in general it's a defect
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Yeah, many lagers I've had have it. I agree that a "small amount" can actually be tolerable (or even contribute to the flavor), but it can easily get too strong. Not sure about gose--I've actually only had like three bottles of gose (not that easy to source here), but I suppose gose is a tad more forgiving toward a metallic taste than a lager is.
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this says it's either from the lipids in the grains, metallic water, bad filtration, and contact with freshly scrubbed stainless steel containers

so i wonder why i notice it often in lagers

goses aren't easy to source in germany?
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Originally Posted by indesertum View Post

goses aren't easy to source in germany?
Sadly, no.
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From back in my college days, I distinctly remember Dos XX Amber and Amber Bock both having a metallic/blood taste to them.
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Oh my god. I'm having this mort subite white lambic and that iron taste in blood is exactly how I would describe the finish. The front is nice and full of soft ripe peaches

BJCP says a low ph will strip off the nickel coating in pipes and reveal the metal underneath. Makes total sense

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인데져틈... ㅠㅠ 같이 좀 마시쟈
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Bartender was nice enough to switch it to an upright gose. Goddamn delicious. It's a little maltier than traditional german goses and the lack of filtration adds a nice creaminess in texture

I really want to ship this to nahneun but I don't think growlers travel well
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Lazy Sunday with mates...

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My first Boskeun. The label will never not make me smile...


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Here's the weekend.

Some Lunch on Friday. Still not sure what the hype is on this one but I'll gladly drink it.

Buddy from Portland came down and brought a growler of Patina Pale by Austin Street. Really liked this one.

Then I cracked a Flora Blue/Black. While this was definitely good it was a lot more subdued than I was expecting. Was hoping for more acidity or more fruit flavor.

Saturday I opened one of my Rare Barrel Bottles. This was pretty much perfect in my mind. Funky nose but the taste is all orange and tart. Really well balanced.

And for sunday, I drank my last Sip can.
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