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Couple from yesterday.

This was decent but for the price I was a bit disappointed. I have another to cellar and I'm hoping some age will make it a bit more interesting.

This was very good. I'd pick Bomb! over this though.
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I'm always amazed by how much of a mecca Oregon is for beer. In one day I had so many fantastic beers. Here's a sampling:

A growler of Falling Sky IPA:

Russian River's Temptation:

Boneyard's Suge Knight (even this 6oz pour may have been a bit much at 14%, but still fantastic):

Anchorage's Love Buzz:

And that's only about half. I also tried Crux's Imperial IPA, Oakshire's Espresso Stout, and Terminal Gravity's IPA (the last one was a bit disappointing). We even stopped at a brewpub on the trek in (Pfriem, which was nice; I would've preferred Logsdon, but that's closed to visitors right now).
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Good barleywine!..


True romance:

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Originally Posted by otc View Post

Interesting. I drink a lot of their Sunday session but I don't find it very interesting so I have been hesitant to seek out their other beers (I do trivia at a bar where it is on special that night... And then we frequently win a round which nets us another round of free Sunday sessions)

Funny you say that as I was unimpressed by their offerings at the Oak Park Micro Brew Review. But I saw this bottle and was drawn to the wax (as if that was any indication that it would be good biggrin.gif )
But as it was inexpensive I figured I would give it a try and was pleasantly surprised.
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Strongly disagree with RB's review. This is pretty damn good.
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PSA: Etre Gourmet
We are glad to announce that starting today until the 26th of December we are offering special discounts on the shipping costs to all destinations. Please find the discount applied to each country here: -10% for Australia, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Singapore, United States… -15% for Norway and Switzerland -20% for Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden -25% for Austria, Denmark, France, Italy and the United Kingdom -50% for Belgium, Germany, Luxemburg and the Netherlands Please note that these offers only apply to the orders and not to the Reservations. Cheers, Jonathan
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Etre Gourmet looking to snatch-up all my Christmas money.
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Has anyone ordered from them? Shipping to Canada is high enough that I wouldn't want to risk it getting jacked at the border.
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I've ordered from them numerous times, but I'm in Belgium so... biggrin.gif

Contact them (in French or English), they'll certainly help ya out!..
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I've received that mail like 7 times in the past three days... confused.gif
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Swung by Cascade last night:

This tastes like Dr. Pepper:
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