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Originally Posted by indesertum View Post

going hard

frown.gif wish they had crooked stave sours here

The few I had at ebf didn't wow me. And it was the first table I hit so it wasn't like my palate was torched.
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So I started a bit early today. Headed to Great Divide and had the Rumble IPA first, which was pretty nice:

Then moved on to the Yeiser Brett Collette, which is apparently their Collette saison with Brett. It suffered from the same issues as Elevation's Signal de Botrange, however.
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And onward, to the Star Bar, which was fucking awesome. While I missed their sour fest that opened on Saturday (including Cantillon and RR Consecration kegs -- how didn't I know about that?) this bar was still incredible. Awesome staff, fantastic beer, and great music, the latter of which was comprised of a self made Pandora channel called the Husker Du station. I started with Bear Republic's Tartare Rouge, an oud bruin style aged in (I'm guessing) red wine barrels. It was fantastic.

From there I moved on to Ska Brewing's Modus Hoperandi, but I forgot to take a photo as it was in a can and I was distracted by all the Fugazi, Dino Jr., Mission of Burma, Minor Threat and Misfits that was playing.

Next up was the Rockies game, with a Boulder Brewing Hazed and Confused. While it's not that awesome -- and not even as good as their Mojo IPA, in my opinion -- it's a pretty fantastic option to have at a major league game, and the $7 price tag wasn't as bad as I expected.

Now it's back out for a nightcap, probably to one of the usual suspects. River North is on tap for tomorrow, and I couldn't resist a bit of shopping today:
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Originally Posted by OmniscientCause View Post

The few I had at ebf didn't wow me. And it was the first table I hit so it wasn't like my palate was torched.

Their stuff has been a bit hit or miss for me. The first beers I had of theirs a couple years back really wowed me. Here, I thought the Vieille was really nice, as was the Original Sin. The Surette and the Origins both seemed pretty one-note sour to me, however, and were pretty overwhelming and not that enjoyable. All that said, I still agree with Indes and would love to see a steady stream of their stuff.
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Probably the closer: Green Flash's Road Warrior, a rye double IPA. Pretty nice.
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Celebrating Italy's loss...

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Korea needs to beat Belgium by 3 points......

Jesus, take the wheel.
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Draft Punk IPA from Pratt Street Ale House of Baltimore. On tap at a pub by the harbor. I love vacation!

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Same bar, different beer.

Flying Dog Dead Rise Old Bay Summer Ale on tap at The Point in Fells (Baltimore).

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Currently at the comference's brewer reception, staffed by eight small breweries. I started out with Fort Collins's Ashes marzen, which was pretty decent for the style. Moved on to Verboten's Roll in ze Watermelon, a watermelon gose which isn't nearly as bad as it sounds:
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Originally Posted by hc4thehc View Post

Celebrating Italy's loss...


LOVE this beer. Nice!
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Moving on, the work is done, so back to work. Figured I should hit up River North as Star Bar and others raved. Here's the full draught list. I started with a full glass of the Unified Theory, an oak aged imperial wit. It was pretty nice, and exactly what you'd expect.

Then on to the rest with a sampler. From left to right:
Hello Darkness, black IPA (kinda light smoke, almost cigarette-y)
White (light, clean, maybe a little thin)
J'marie (farmhouse; right on)
IPA (niiiiice, "Belgian" IPA, but just nice and resin-y)
Hoppenberg (Belgian style 2xipa; interesting, but a bit fruity for me)
Quandary (quad, generally not my style. This one, while sweet, isn't overbearing)

Also included is the bartender. She was super nice and knowledgable.
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Some kind of local Kolsch with dinner. I've got to admit, I have no idea what it is as I'm kinda drunk and haven't eaten in forever. Fortunately, the food and beer at Work & Class (don't blame me for the name; the bartender at R North recommended it) are super tasty.

Also, my educated impression is that Denver = N. Florida + Portland, OR.
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In all seriousness, though, anyplace that plays Pete Rock & CL Smooth is ok in my book.
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