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well i like reading about it so cheers

dude la folie on draft sounds amazing
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Thanks, and it was. Can't decide if I should have one more or call it a night. I think that the conventional wisdom is that, if I'm asking this question, it's definitely time to call it. But that just sounds so uninteresting.
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I would be probably gone (as in way drunk) by now. Is it your last day? Cuz if not there's always tomorrow
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First day! I decided to head home but was stopped in my tracks when I happened to pass a place called Fresh Craft. Who can resist that, right? Amazing tap list, and I ended up going with Great Divide's 20th Anniversary Belgian Style Ale over Trinity's Seven Day Sour. A bit soured out, frankly, and the Great Divide is really nice:
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brp2: I love reading your posts mate!.. Don't stop!.. smile.gif
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Thanks! Round two will start tonight then.
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Headed back to FreshCraft to start the night this time. Couldn't resist the call of the Bruery's White Oak on draft (I could last night as it would've been way too heavy to end the night with). They've got the Sucre in bottles, too. Can't be ordering a 750 like that on my own, however.
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Next up: Trinity Brewing's Three Flowers Saison. Light and floral (duh) when compared to the heavy oakiness of the White Oak.
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Ok. Going a bit fast here. Lightened up a bit with Upslope's Craft Lager. It wasn't an intentional lightening, however -- I got just the end of the keg of Firestone Walker's Opal, which tasted fantastic. Thought about going with Avery's BPA Karma, but it tasted one note and disappointing.
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Also, that last beer and the added time in the US game (fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck) delayed me just enough so that I could randomly run into Nick Cave on the street. He was unimpressed to meet me (his response or can I get a photo was "go on, get on with it" followed by an impatient "hurry up"), and I didn't have the heart to tell him that I only cared as I was drunk, and I'm not even a fan. That said, I should've asked him if he felt overdressed on his most recent album cover.

And now, back to the beer. The only half interesting option at the conference reception (and half is being generous):
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Off to Crooked Stave. Starting with their Surette Provision Saison. It's batch 10, whatever that means. I gotta be honest, I'm missing the saison and getting nothing but sour.
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Round 2: Crooked Stave's Origins Batch 3, a burgundy sour aged in oak. A bit more depth to this one than the last, which was more of a one trick pony:
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Round 3: last one here, and had to go with a taster as things seem to be adding up. Crooked Stave's Original Sin, which is the Origins barrels blended with La Tentation barrels. It's really nice , adding some sweetness and a bit more complexity to the base beer. Also, the bartender is super knowledgable and fun to talk to.
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Last beer of the night? Back to Falling Rock for Elevation's Signal de Botrange. Sadly it's not a good nightcap. While it's nominally a saison, it seems way too sweet and cloying.
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going hard

frown.gif wish they had crooked stave sours here
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