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Originally Posted by OmniscientCause View Post

David is phenomenal I don't ever remember drinking a better smelling dipa and I've had pretty much every top dipa.

I'm speechless to the smell. The taste is a soft fruit juice that incredibly drinkable. Lots of mago and peach. Utter utter bliss.

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Originally Posted by indesertum View Post


Treehouse/toppling Goliath dipa collab
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How much St. Lamvinus is around?!
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The ladyfriend bought me a bottle of Blackkr, a Surly/Three Floyds/Real Ale collab at Three Floyds (so obviously, it is the 3F version in a bomber).

Planning to open that tonight as well as the 3rd iteration of the game of thrones beer (which I have heard is just average)
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Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA and Sharks' hockey. The beer is better than the game so far.

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Several Stone Pale Ales. This is the one Stone beer I will always return to. Just a classic American pale....
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Sad I only have 2 more left
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It was a good weekend for drinking outside. This one was really good. Strong mango/pineapple scent to it.
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Good beer. 6%.

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Sure it's been asked before, but anybody he brew? After about two years of, "yeah man we should buy a kit and start brewing" I finally just decided to buy one of the small Brooklyn Brew Shop Everyday IPA kits and go for it. Have to start somewhere. I'm definitely excited about the process!
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OTC does. I want to pick it up
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Yeah, but haven't for a while. My brewing buddy started brewing with his wife, so I'm out. On the upside, they make fantastic stuff and I get to drink it, so no complaints here.
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Well, It's in the beginning stages of fermentation. Looks like plenty of foam/"krausen" after the first 18 hours or so. Waiting two more days before i put the airlock on. As far as I can tell, I did everything right and had the proper temperatures and times for everything. Sterilized everything like it should have been, etc.. Can't wait to see this thing start fermenting away and starting to clear up a bit.
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What're you brewing?
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