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Got it. Thanks.
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Got a case of one day old on the wings of Armageddon. So good. Has this nice grapefruit peel aroma to it. Can't believe it's a single hop
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Cans or bottles?.. Put one on the side for me shog[1].gifhappy.gif
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Cans. Not sure if they do bottles

You really want some?
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Well going by reviews on RateBeer it's quite good innit?.. If you have better stuff though... I'm all ears happy.gif
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Originally Posted by indesertum View Post

Cans. Not sure if they do bottles

You really want some?

Yea dc brau is can only
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Many "Frog's Breath" IPAs at Coronado Brewing Co. Several 435 IPAs too. FB citrusy and spicy. 435 a very nice break from overtopped errthang.

Thought it worth mentioning they were recently named World Beer Cup Champion for mid-size brewery and brewmaster, along with taking gold and silver medals for a couple of their brews.
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So the guy that's hooking me up with a bottle of KBS says he's adding 5 other beers... So far he has come up with 4. Looks promising icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

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Finally got my hands on a can

Picked up this four pack afterwards
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had KBS this weekend. tasty, but people are seriously going crazy over this stuff. dumb.

apparently 470 cases of black note were sold at Bell's in a 24-36 hour period. incredible.
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KBS is good, but not better than Bourbon County.  I enjoyed a bottle of Grassroots Convivial Suarez while watching the Masters yesterday, beautiful beer.

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i like kbs a bit better than bourbon county, but it's far more harder to get

some bar in brooklyn is tapping a keg of 2010 CBS

can't wait
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Picked this'un... Sealed with black wax!.. And poured a black beer with a tan head... Which I emptied in the sink after half of it...
Very poor in the nose, unbalanced and way too boozy (whiskey, not bourbon)...

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I haven't had this year's KBS, but I thought this year's Bourbon County (plain--never sampled any of the variants) was excellent.

I've still got like 5 bottles...
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The Two Brothers 17th anniversary Rye Ale was really cool.

Thai Basil and Milk Sugar...worked out to being a lovely beverage.
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