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Boulder--- flashback iba, mojo IPA, and any bombers (typically seasonal--- currently an imperial Oktoberfest, but also hoopla dry hopped pale, honey saison, etc.). The recent flood has affected their ability to ship freight, so dates and/or availability might be spotty for a frw months.

Breckenride- killer oatmeal stout. Lucky U IPA is good. Rest of year rounds are mediocre. 471 DIPA is killer, as is their "regal pils," an imperial pilsner. Vanilla porter is nice for like -10 degree weather and a fireplace, which I doubt you have much experience with in TX.
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I'll add this--- everything boulder and Breckenridge makes is really solid for the style. It's kinda like Samuel Smith--- well made, classic, and boring for most American craft drinkers.
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I just remembered I have had the vanilla porter, which is indeed very good. I will have to check out the others. I swear I've had the Lucky U IPA in my hands like 10 times but ended up buying something else instead
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That having it in your hands then replacing it kinda describes them perfectly. They're on that weird seam between gateway to craft and true craft. They make better beer than true gateways like Sam Adams and blue Moon, butpst of their stuff isn't weird/extreme enough to be true craft beer nerd beers. All well made and good examples of the style though.
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Re: bells and Schlafly, both may be in TX relatively soon. Bells just added to 800 bbl fermenters to their Comstock location. Schlafly is adding a new facility with 250k brl capacity. Reps fr both have told me that they'll add about 50% capacity for high allocation stuff like Bell's hopslam and Schlafly pumpkin, with 50% going to expanding distribution.
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BTW, the only Texas brewers that I think are that remarkable are Jester King and Lakewood. Jester King is often more interesting than good. I've been to their brewery and its tiny, and they dont seem interested in getting a lot bigger. The best stuff is some variation on the saison, although if you're a big fan of wild ales then ymmv. I generally find them too sour.

Lakewood has a lot more potential to find a bigger market. I've mentioned the Temptress Imperial Milk Stout a lot, but I can't stress too much how great this beer is. If I weren't lactose intolerant I would drink it all winter. The other stuff, Hop Trapp (belgian style IPA) Rock Ryder (rye/wheat) and their pilsner, are all generally excellent as well. They seem a bit more ambitious than Jester king and I wouldn't be surprised to see them distributing nationally before too long.
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Oh and I forgot about St. Arnolds out of Houston, who can be hit or miss, but make a pumpkin porter which is by far the finest pumpkin beer I've had (not generally a huge fan). Southern Star isn't bad either for what essentially are high quality canned session beers. Their Bombshell Blonde is reasonably priced and worth trying but won't exactly blow your mind.
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That's a funny dichotomy. Friends before have told me I'd love JK because I love mouth-puckering sours. But they said I'd love Lakewood for my milkstout love and love of Belgian IPA's.
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Ruination IPA is even better

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Okay, I like the IPA a lot. Might have something to do with having had 5 of them in the last 90 minutes.

Both are pretty good, but I liked their special release of RuinTen IPA even more

I visited a local LA based brewery, Golden Road, this past weekend and got to sample their selection. Took home some "Wolf among the weeds IPA" and I'm really enjoying this stuff. It's a DIPA, has a hint smell of actual "weed" and a faintly reminiscent of pliny. Very easy drink at 8% ABV
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Had a bottle of 2011 Framboise for a Cure tonight. Very good stuff. Southampton Black Raspberry for tomorrow. On a raspberry kick.
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What are some excellent Belgian IPA's, kwilkinson?.. I'm not that big on blond beers, but asking for my dad, who is...

Thursday: Fantôme Pissenlit... Excellent... How is that beer 8%... Goes down so smoothly...

Yesterday: Winterkoninkske Grand Cru. It's not the most balanced beer in the world, and the alcohol is very present (13%), but dear Gods do I love it... It's hardcore!.. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Belgian IPA as in from Belgium? No idea. I swear a buddy of mine was telling me about one that was incredible but just can't recall (from Duvel maybe?).

USA: Sam Adams grumpy monk is good shit, no matter who hates on it. Bitter Monk from Anchorage. Lagunitas little sumpin wild is technically a Belgian IPA. New Belgium Belgo is okay. And Deschutes Chainbreaker is a white IPA but I'd still count it here.
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What are some excellent Belgian IPA's, kwilkinson?.. I'm not that big on blond beers, but asking for my dad, who is...

La Chouffe's IPA is good.
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You mean Duvel Tripel Hop, kwilkinson, or Chouffe Houblon Dobbelen IPA?..

Me, right now:

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The chouffe has a good rep on beer boards. I think he was talking about the duvel triple hop but I'll text him and see.
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