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Belgian local... satisfied.gif

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cute bottle from De Dolle smile.gif

too bad I stopped collecting beerbottles years ago
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Drinking a Weyerbacher Merry Monks. Nothing fancy, but I quite like it.
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Hated the Merry Monks when I had it a year or so ago, don't know why. I'm not a huge fan of barleywines in general, but that one was even worse than usual. Maybe I'll give it another try to see if my taste has changed at all.
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^ The bottle I had last night turned out not to be as good as I'd remembered the beer being in general. Is it considered a barleywine? I thought it was a tripel, but perhaps there's some way the two categories can overlap (I'm not a beer expert)?
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Hopf Dunkle Weisse tonight.


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Paulaner Salvator. Gonna get my buzz on tonite
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Stone IPA. Pretty good.
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Okay, I like the IPA a lot. Might have something to do with having had 5 of them in the last 90 minutes.
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Ruination IPA is even better
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So I've heard. Will have to try. Arrogant bastard, BA arro bas, and some other stone beers are really not that impressive to me. Good, but not worth the hype and/or price tag.
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Try the Suede Imperial Porter too
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But for reals, my fave customer says the same thing. IHard to find here though. Re: ruination, i do like me some DIPA but I prefer the nicely aromatic non palate wrecking straight IPA.

Along that vein, today I tastes Sam Adams rebel IPA. West coast style. National release Feb 1 2014. Really similar to Lagunitas minus the malty finish lagunitas has. Pretty exciting. Maybe the best $8.99 IPA I've had.
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what's the craft scene like for u? Can micros seld-distribute in TX? Here they can if they're under 30k brls a year.

I rep Lagunitas, bells, Schlafly, Breckenridge, boulder, and a lot of the other medium sized but well known craft guys. And another guy does great lakes, founders, and the rest of them. Is selection good in TX for non-TX beers?
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I don't know the laws exactly but I know there's a lot of stuff we don't get at all. It's getting better though. We just got Founders, Firestone Walker and Hitachino this year. I really want Bells and Schlafly. We do get Lagunitas, Boulder and Breckenridge, but I've never tried the latter 2. Which ones should I try?
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